Presenting the car that runs on air . . .

Indians are going to have a treat that as a USan, I would love to have, and really need too: a car which drives at speeds up to 135 mph, has a body designed with aerospace technology, costs only $8000 and causes absolutely no pollution. $2.00 fills up the CityCAT’s tanks and lets you drive for 185 miles. Yowzer: the air car!

What fuel do you fill the car up with? Air! “Impossible, you might say, but no,” Guy Negre, who heads Moteur Development International of France [the MDI Group] is a fuel specialist and he has discovered the method for allowing compressed air to entirely run this baby at speeds under 30 mph.

Outside of the city the CityCAT’s engines switch to fuel mode. Which fuel is needed then? Just take your pick. The CityCAT handles each of these well: gasoline, gas oil, bio diesel, gas, liquidized gas, ecological fuel, alcohol, etc. The CityCAT comfortably seats 6 people and conforms to over the road safety and driving standards and regulations.

How cool can you get?

Well, So, I’ll tell ya. Cool is another thing this car does with minimal energy outlay. The air conditioning system is boosted by recycling the compressed air which it expels. The air is cool and completely free of pollutants. Instead of exploding in the engine, fuel expands, so the engine is much quieter than a gasoline engine. The engine is lubricated by vegetable oil and need changing only once in 30,000 miles.

Is there more?

You betcha. Engines come in 2, 4 and 6 cylinder sizes. Vehicle models in development are MiniCATS for city-only driving with three seats, as well as pickup trucks, taxis and sectionable buses to which more sections can be added during peak traffic hours and removed at other times. MDI vehicle bodies receive safety reinforcement from their tubular construction.

Moteur Development International of France – the MDI Group, has signed an agreement with Tata Motors, India’s largest car auto maker, to begin production for the India marketplace. MDI is a family owned business headed by Guy Negre and is located near Nice. The company is currently looking for investors to assist with their development plans.

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