Switzerland you were gipped – your Gotthard Tunnel opening celebration choreography is a hot mess

Performers in bizarre Gotthard Tunnel ceremony
Screen Shot Dark Horse News video
The Swiss government celebrated the completion of Gotthard Base Tunnel, the longest railway tunnel in the world with an extremely bizarre ceremony that included hordes of performers acting like zombies, others half naked on an open railway car slithering around and grappling each other in supposedly erotic movements. Some dressed in sado-masochist paraphenelia swung from the tunnel ceiling and all the while, disturbing, discordant music played in the background and sometimes the foreground.

Excuse me, Switzerland, but the choreographer you hired had a single goal in mind: to make a laughingstock out of you and your tunnel opening ceremony. And he (or she) did an excellent job of that. It manages to be both bizarre and silly.

Hat tip to Leen De Weerd-Mosley for the find.

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