Truthout editor and @BernieSanders agree: Trump is a disaster, and a child

Trump stares at Hillary in 2nd debate
Trump stares at Hillary in 2nd debate Source: Twitter via
Honestly, I don’t know on voting day (November 8) whether I’m going to go into the polling booth to pull the lever for Hillary, or to write-in Bernie Sanders. When I tried to vote for Cory Booker, my fingers wouldn’t cooperate to let me do that – our bodies have their own type of knowing.

While Trump pretty much disgusts me in every way possible, the establishment politics that Hillary practices, pretty much disgust me too. There’s a definite difference in degree of disgust, though. read more

Bernie did endorse Hillary but he did not concede. Meaning: his delegates will count at the DNC

The Bernie movement
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Bernie Sanders and the movement he has ignited all over the United States has been on tenterhooks since Bernie endorsed Hillary for President. But there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Robert Nestah explains what meaning it has for the Vermont Senator’s campaign, his supporters and his pledged Democratic National Convention delegates that Bernie also did not concede the Democratic presidential primary race to Ms. Hillary.

In Question and Answer form, Nestah lays out what every Bernie supporter ought to know about the logistics behind Sen. Sanders’ move: read more

Truthout’s WRPitt is terrified by Hillary & Trump – and bursting proud of Bernie

Anonymous blows lid off Hillary
Source: Anonymous
Truthout editor William Rivers Pitt sees exactly what I do: that Hillary Clinton is just about as scary a presidential candidate as Donald Trump is. And there are more like us out there.

I was a proposed Bernie pledged delegate, but was bumped off the Democratic National Convention attendance roster because my district vote was split and Hillary as front-running candidate got the first pick. Once Hillary’s people chose her delegates and Bernie’s campaign picked my son Ivan Wei, there was no room left for me. read more

I just got educated about some election rigging methods Dem Party & Hillary use

Voting Machines Are Swell!
Criminetleys. Alternet writer Roseann Demoro (read on Salon) just taught me a whole bunch of things about Hillary skullduggery and Dem Party primary vote-rigging shenanigans that I was completely ignorant of. Here are the items that surprised me most:

Press conferences. Sanders is happy to talk to the press, Hillary not so much. Ostensibly, she wants to stay in charge of her message and make sure reporters don’t get the chance to pin her down on the weird stuff she does… (like flip-flop positions, steal Sanders’ most popular position stands, get huge support from soul-sucking Wall Street firms and from the Daddy of public education destruction in the US, Eli Broad – whose lawyer HRC used to be). read more

Dems step up cheating attempts to push Bernie down: this time, blocking him from DC ballot

Bernie Birdie
Source: Bernie2016 Campaign
I don’t know what has happened to the Democratic Party I grew up loving. With Helmet Hair Hillary at the Helm, it’s a transmogrification that could potentially make my sainted mother turn over in her grave. Sorry, Mom.

After Bernie won 3 caucuses in one day on March 26 and closed the gap between his pledged delegate count and Hillary’s to just 200, the people who do these things refused to allocate all of the Washington delegates. That way, nobody could see how much ground Hillary had lost. Stepping back a few days, we had massive voter fraud in Arizona‘s Dem primary. Some say the fraud doesn’t involve Hillary but, What! Who do they think they’re kidding? read more

Bernie Sanders’ race activism earned him University of Chicago censure, bad grades & arrest

bernie arrest
Source: Chicago Tribune
This is fun. Details about Bernie Sanders years as an activist in college, who was invited by a University of Chicago dean to take some time off from studies because his grades suffered from the intense anti-racism activism activities he engaged in.

Bernie began his fight against racism with a housing equity battle in 1961: a group of students learned that the university did not rent off-campus apartments it owned to black students and formed a coalition to change that, which Bernie Sanders helped lead. A couple of years later, in 1963, Sanders was arrested for protesting segregation at a Chicago South Side school. read more

Young Bernie campaigned for civil rights and Hillary, for segregationist Goldwater

Bernie marched with MLK, HRC supported Goldwater
Source: Carl Manley on Facebook
On Facebook, Carl Manley shared this photo and these very enlightening words:

I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for in the upcoming election, I’m just asking you how many current presidential candidates marched with the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? In 1963 Bernie Sanders Marched With MLK Jr on Washington DC’s “I Have A Dream Speech”. In 1964, Hillary Clinton Campaigned for Sen Goldwater who Promised to Racially Re-Segregate the Nation & Overturn the Civil Rights Act. read more

Many excellent reasons young people like Bernie much more than Hillary

The Youth Vote Matters
Grfx source:
My answer to friend Bryan Alexander‘s question to friends earned me the top spot in his Facebook post list for 2016. He asked: “Here’s a question for readers of any political stripe. Why is Bernie Sanders winning much more of the youth vote, as compared to Hillary Clinton?”

My response. I’ve got 2 millennials at home, both social/environmental justice champions. They love Bernie for a plethora of reasons:

He explains how political and financial systems work, and they want to know. read more

The Clintons took in $3B from US & foreign donors in 4 decades. How much of them was sold?

Clinton Donor Network
Source: Washington Post article banner

This illuminating, interactive report by Washington Post writers Matea Gold, Tom Hamburger and Anu Narayanswamy looks at the relationships the Clintons have built and how legislation they have backed – and not backed – may tie in with those relationships.

This project is an effort to identify every known donor who contributed to support Bill and Hillary Clinton over their four decades in public life … (It)reveals how Bill and Hillary Clinton have methodically cultivated donors over 40 years, from Little Rock to Washington and then across the globe… read more

Bernie Sanders campaign resources & activities for POC & allies in NNJ

Bernie Sanders 2016This is a list of Bernie Sanders campaign activities and organizing tools for People of Color and allies in northern New Jersey (NNJ). It will be updated as resources and information become available. Please post your own addition as a comment and I’ll move entries to the main list as appropriate.

The Bernie Sanders for President is a decentralized campaign at this point. This means we should take a DIY approach and support each other’s activities locally. The national office has only a handful of paid staff dealing with people around the country, formulating the campaign strategy, pushing out messaging and physically supporting Sanders’s appearances. read more

Facebook also blocks mention of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders 2016 on TwitterFacebook is 0 for 2 today. Doing a great job suppressing the progressive voice, which is not surprising given its founder is a great friend of conservative darling @corybooker and heavily supports the conservative agenda.

A few minutes ago I reported that Facebook wouldn’t let me share news about Newark’s new civilian police review board. Now they won’t let me share a Bernie Sanders quote either…

Most Americans, their reality is that they’re working longer hours and for lower wages ~ Bernie Sanders read more