Young Bernie campaigned for civil rights and Hillary, for segregationist Goldwater

Bernie marched with MLK, HRC supported Goldwater
Source: Carl Manley on Facebook
On Facebook, Carl Manley shared this photo and these very enlightening words:

I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for in the upcoming election, I’m just asking you how many current presidential candidates marched with the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? In 1963 Bernie Sanders Marched With MLK Jr on Washington DC’s “I Have A Dream Speech”. In 1964, Hillary Clinton Campaigned for Sen Goldwater who Promised to Racially Re-Segregate the Nation & Overturn the Civil Rights Act.

I have heard people discount this UGLY fact about Hillary Clinton as ancient history and it is… but just as Paula Deen was expected to explain and vocally apologize for her ancient history, so should Hillary Clinton. Why is she getting a free pass when she supported Goldwater whose SOLE mission for running was to Racially Re-Segregate the nation?

Hillary was quoted to have respected Goldwater for “swimming against the political tide”.

SO why does Hillary Clinton get a pass to run for president of the United States amidst such presently ongoing and ignored racial tensions across the nation… without being made to publicly account for – in front of a spotlight or on morning TV crying to Matt Lauer…. and apologize LOUDLY with HUMILITY –VERSUS SELF PROMOTION — to the African American Community for her participation in this ugly part of history?

Hat tip to Nathalie Hussein Wells for the find.

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