Young Bernie campaigned for civil rights and Hillary, for segregationist Goldwater

Bernie marched with MLK, HRC supported Goldwater
Source: Carl Manley on Facebook
On Facebook, Carl Manley shared this photo and these very enlightening words:

I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for in the upcoming election, I’m just asking you how many current presidential candidates marched with the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? In 1963 Bernie Sanders Marched With MLK Jr on Washington DC’s “I Have A Dream Speech”. In 1964, Hillary Clinton Campaigned for Sen Goldwater who Promised to Racially Re-Segregate the Nation & Overturn the Civil Rights Act. read more

Boston Museum shows never run Life photos of black life in 1950s US

Time's photo from what it is like to be black collectionIn honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is exhibiting a striking collection of Gordon Parks photographs that Life commissioned, but never ran. In its article What It Was Like to Be Black in 1950s America Slate writer Jordan G. Teicher tells us:

Gordon Parks hadn’t been to his hometown, Fort Scott, Kansas, in more than 20 years when he returned there in 1950 as a photojournalist on assignment for Life magazine. Growing up as the youngest of 15 children, Parks attended the Plaza School, an all-black grade school in the heavily segregated town. Now, as the first black man hired full-time by the magazine, Parks wanted to find and photograph all 11 of his classmates from grade school as a way of measuring the impact of school segregation. The photo essay he created, which was never published, is on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in the exhibition, “Gordon Parks: Back to Fort Scott,” beginning Jan. 17. read more

NAACP’s police interaction guide: The 411 on the 5-0

411 on the 5-0 pamphlet

411 on the 5-0 pamphletThe NAACP advises that the “war on crime” fought by police, sometimes results in innocent people needlessly surrendering constitutional and civil rights which they are not aware they have. The NAACP and its members support just and effective law enforcement, and also believes that people must learn how to exercise our constitutional rights to ensure that law enforcement, and law officers, work as they should: to protect all United States citizens and visitors regardless of race, ethnicity, immigration or economic status. read more

Most inspiring message on Why Vote!

I am honored by the opportunity to display this message on my website. Rev. Dr. William Barber II shares the historical time line of Black and ethnic minority acquisition of the rights to vote, to have equality in housing and economic opportunities and reminds us, “If there was ever a time to vote that time is NOW.”

The news is skewed – dig deeper for the truth

A West Indian friend writes to ask,

This country is becoming more like a 3rd world country. Why aren’t people demanding jobs instead of talking about racism. Sick and tired of hearing about racism. Everything is racism. Find some other excuse rather than racism. If anything is done wrong it’s blame it on racism. People need to stop blaming and stop looking for hand me out. It seems as though some people like to keep stoking the word racism and using the blame game too much. What about Solyndra all the billions that cost tax payers money. That money could have been used to help students pay for their school loans. The unnecessary spending while unemployment is still above 8%. read more

Christie erodes privacy through NJMVC

Update May 9, 2012: Implementation of this law is on hold following an injunction filed on Friday, May 4 by ACLU officials and advocates for homeless, immigration, minority and women’s groups on grounds that the state imposed the new requirements without publishing details or soliciting public comment.

New Jersey MVC chairman Raymond Martinez Martinez announced that beginning May 7 2012, New Jersey will be the ninth state requiring the controversial “Tru ID” driver’s licenses, which are a form of national identity card opposed by civil rights and privacy advocates around the country. To obtain a new license or renew an old one, “proof of legal identity, proof of lawful presence in the US, proof of Social Security number, and proof of principal residence,” will be required. read more

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