NY Times reports: Cory Booker is just an image. And other reasons to dislike the guy.

Booker marketing hot pockets

Booker marketing hot pockets
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Some of the reasons to dislike Cory Booker:

Booker was handsomely paid to go into Newark and blow it up from the inside so property values would fall and residents would be eager to sell to developers and gentrifiers for a fraction of what their properties were worth. That’s what gentrification is all about.

While Mayor Booker went around collecting over a million dollars for speeches, he managed to also push a Newark firefighter to the ground in front of a burning building … to fire a huge number of police officers and to cripple the city’s Department of Public Works so snow removal could not be performed. Interestingly enough, he concurrently waged a misleading PR campaign based around his promises to personally shovel out residents who were snowed in. The number of Newark residents Cory helped were just a handful of those needing professional snow removal. read more

Christie vetoes equal pay for women, says women are not equal

Christie against women
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Christie explains the reason he vetoed on May 9 a bill that would protect New Jersey women against pay discrimination. His reason, according to Politicops.com:

Biblically speaking, women aren’t and will never be equal to men. And that includes their salaries.

That sums his position up pretty neatly, I think. But I should warn readers that Politicops is known for posting plenty of satire and even occasionally errr, untruths.

What was Christie was thinking while Big Donald ranted? (very funny video)

Christie's a hostage in Florida
Source: Salon video

Great laugh! Salon takes a shot at guessing what was going through Christie’s mind after he endorsed Donald Trump and got to stand behind him like a chump listening to mad-man’s semi-literate ravings. Christie looks more perplexed and disgusted the longer the man speaks – must be imagining what it would be like to have this dog for a boss. Oh well CC, should have thought before you leapt onto the Drumpf bandwagon and endorsed stumpy-fingers.

What was Chris Christie really thinking? read more

Christie’s dismal record on union/labor rights just got worse

Christie, sweeney, bookerChristie has assaulted vulnerable New Jersey residents and labor rights all the years of his governorship. Next City shares the low-down on what Christie’s gotten away with, and how he’s done it.

Take public education: having promised when he was campaigning to take care of New Jersey’s teachers, after getting into office Christie proceeded to systematically destroy public ed, along with teachers’ and students lives and the bloodshed is far from over. Newark and Camden have been among the communities hardest hit. read more

Don’t be fooled – Christie’s still bent on destroying public ed & New Jersey

Christie IHOPIt’s more than laughable that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is suddenly trying to show the nation that he cares about public education and the teachers whose lives, finances and careers he’s been systematically destroying ever since taking office two elections ago. It should be next to impossible to show something that isn’t real, but we’re talking about a public relations genius who got elected in 2013 on the strength of mistruth whoppers, namely:

  1. Christie hugged Obama to make himself look like a moderate Republican ready to reach over the aisle to form an alliance with Democrats to care for the people of his state when tragedy struck.
  2. Christie acts like he cares about New Jersey residents hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy.

The facts are that Christie has no love for the President. He hasn’t “done a good enough job distributing the (Sandy recovery funds) New Jersey has already received” and he refuses to release $500 million of federal recovery funds to applicants that have been qualified as eligible for help. Christie’s political grandstanding also arguably cost New Jersey schools hundreds of millions of dollars. read more

Listed: Christie’s dismal record of caring for New Jersey

bridgegateIt isn’t just the George Washington Bridge that Christie has obstructed in his home state. Here’s an excellent list from One New Jersey showing many of the ways Gov. Chris Christie has failed to do his job. Sections include:

  • Jobs Lost – NJ Falling Behind
  • New Jersey Families Falling Behind Crumbling Infrastructure & Rising Costs
  • Abusing Taxpayer Money
  • Taxpayer-Funded Corporate Bailouts
  • And No Job Gains Budget Mismanagement: Costing NJ Taxpayers

Only people outside of New Jersey could like Christie

Christie’s Dream Is Dying. Time to Come Home, Governor ~ Moran in Star Ledger 08 Feb 2015*My friend Dee Dameron frames Christie’s betrayal of New Jersey residents so well:

What have you done for New Jerseyans lately? Absolutely nothing. There are 15,000 Hurricane Sandy families who remain without a home, 624 bridges that need to be repaired, property taxes are the highest in the nation, unemployment is still on the rise, education for children has been put to sleep, Bridgegate is still pending. These are just a few issues and concerns. there are countless. Yes, its time for you to come home and do your job which you were elected to do and put the people first…not your fantasy to become president. read more

Christie wants to use leftover campaign funds to pay for Bridgegate defense

Christie's Bridgegate

Christie's BridgegateYou would think that a person in Christie’s situation would learn from past mistakes, but I guess after you’ve fallen a certain distance from grace self-correction becomes impossible. Christie’s camp is once again making the law all about our governor’s wishes instead of about legal precedent, common decency, responsibility to constituents or logic.

This time, Christie wants to use leftover campaign funds to pay legal bills for the Bridgegate defense. No matter that the Christie-Booker team went after Sharpe James for doing exactly the same thing: read more

Christie’s people won’t honor OPRA request about conditions in 4 schools

bad school conditions in NJThe Schools Development Authority (SDA) is denying the public information on the facility conditions at Camden High School, Thomas G. Connors Elementary School (Hoboken), Cleveland Elementary School (Orange), and Orange High School.

The Education Law Center made an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request to obtain the SDA’s reports on the facility conditions at these four schools which are badly in need of repair. The SDA said no. This is unacceptable! Communities have a right to know what the facility conditions are at their schools. This is another example of the SDA stalling on urgent repairs. read more

Time calls Christie the “Elephant In the Room”

Christie made a big stink when Barbara Buono said New Jersey didn’t want to see Christie frolicking on the beach, claiming his opponent’s comment was an oblique reference to his weight. Is the big man going to cry “foul” to Time magazine now, which boldly portrays Christie on its current cover along with caption, “The Elephant In the Room”?

Time defends its cover choice on its blog.


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  • Take a poll at Huffington Post: is this in poor taste or “What’s the problem?”.
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    Early voting will help Cory Booker

    Cory Booker as superman

    Cory Booker as supermanThe New Jersey primary to elect party candidates for the Wed Oct 16 2013 special Senatorial election will be held on Tues Aug 13 and voting is set to begin as early as next week, with counties getting ready to sending out vote by mail ballots early to the 15,000+ voters registered to receive them for the year. People who vote early may not have enough time to learn about the Real Cory Booker.

    The buzz is just starting to build about Cory Booker’s sellout of the people of Newark he is pledged to serve in favor of the big money financiers he’s so in love with. They want to run the voters who elected Cory out of Newark and destroy Newark public education for children so departing residents will have nothing to come back to. We’re talking financiers like Mitt Romney, whom Cory lavishly praised on public television during the last presidential election. sneich reacts with comments and a hard-hitting question on the Daily Kos: read more

    Christie Declares War On the Poor

    I can’t really add anything to this succinctly phrased statement by William Colon. He lays out for easy review, the drastic funding cuts Christie has enacted, which strike blow after blow to the most vulnerable of our state.

    (Read article in Spanish)

    Christie’s War On The Poor

    Written by William Colon, executive director of the Latino Institute, Inc. and a contributing writer for the Hall Institute of Public Policy.

    “We had a ‘war on poverty’ once, and we lost it, and since poverty is still here, let’s eliminate the poor amongst us.” read more