Early voting will help Cory Booker

Cory Booker as supermanThe New Jersey primary to elect party candidates for the Wed Oct 16 2013 special Senatorial election will be held on Tues Aug 13 and voting is set to begin as early as next week, with counties getting ready to sending out vote by mail ballots early to the 15,000+ voters registered to receive them for the year. People who vote early may not have enough time to learn about the Real Cory Booker.

The buzz is just starting to build about Cory Booker’s sellout of the people of Newark he is pledged to serve in favor of the big money financiers he’s so in love with. They want to run the voters who elected Cory out of Newark and destroy Newark public education for children so departing residents will have nothing to come back to. We’re talking financiers like Mitt Romney, whom Cory lavishly praised on public television during the last presidential election. sneich reacts with comments and a hard-hitting question on the Daily Kos:

On May 4, Cory Booker gave a rousing, anti-public schools, anti-union speech at an “Education Reform” in Jersey City, sponsored by ALEC and the Koch Brothers …

And now, Booker has come to the defense of Mitt Romney and specifically, Romney’s time at Bain Capital, strongly defending what he did at the job-destroying company. It’s truly vile. But it reveals something about Cory Booker. As Josh Marshall from TPM points out regarding Booker’s pro-Romney, pro-Bain comments, “This was not a mistake. This was not a gaffe. This was not something that Cory Booker got backed into by David Gregory on ‘Meet The Press’. Throughout his career, Booker has relied heavily on the financial sector and Wall Street in particular.” http://video.msnbc.msn.com/now-with-alex-wagner/47506073/#47512241

Will we sit back and allow Cory Booker to get his career back on track, worm his way into higher offices, and then “pay back” his billionaire backers with policies that concentrate even MORE wealth into his hands? Or will we know see who Booker is and make sure he NEVER gets elected to anything again?

The people of New Jersey need to learn the truth about Booker before making the mistake of voting for him. Since there’s not much time, we who know about Booker’s real loyalties and sell-out agenda need to be busy spreading the word.

As for the question, “Who’s a better Dem candidate?” That certainly is a million dollar question. I hope to come up with a recommendation for one of the alternate senatorial candidates in a few days, and I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Those want to know more, here are some suggestions:

Keep your eyes peeled for more. I’m not finished yet.

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