The practice of gender checking women Olympians is being challenged, as sex is a complex matter

chromosones grfxImagine being born a women into a traditionalist culture which assigns many sex-specific duties and obligations that determine what you can do and how you must act, becoming an athlete who broke sports and social boundaries with her stellar performances and then being banned from competing after reaching majority age because your body was deemed to possess too many male characteristics or hormones. This happened to India’s Dutee Chand when she turned 18 – but only after she was unwillingly subjected to a series of intrusive and humiliating physical checks. read more

Cis seems like just another word for ‘straight’ … and about gender as a spectrum


Came across the word cis today, which I looked up and discovered it means exactly the same to me as the word ‘straight’ always meant. So, has straight been run over by the politically incorrect bus and I can’t use that word any more?

Cis (aka cisgender) is the term for people biologically born as women, who identify as women or people born male, who identify as male. So, another way of putting would be: cis is a person whose gender identity matches the sex into which s/he was born. read more