Cis seems like just another word for ‘straight’ … and about gender as a spectrum


Came across the word cis today, which I looked up and discovered it means exactly the same to me as the word ‘straight’ always meant. So, has straight been run over by the politically incorrect bus and I can’t use that word any more?

Cis (aka cisgender) is the term for people biologically born as women, who identify as women or people born male, who identify as male. So, another way of putting would be: cis is a person whose gender identity matches the sex into which s/he was born.

A lady I know who was once a man, explained to me that gender isn’t the right term to identify the sex of people – that is, whether the person is biologically male or female. She also explained to me that gender isn’t a “binary” phenomenon: meaning, that it isn’t like a switch that’s either on or off. But rather, gender is a spectrum.

So, people are not wholly male or wholly female, but just tend much more to one side of that gender spectrum than the other. “That’s how,” she said, “you get these very macho looking guys that are extremely attracted to men, or you get a very feminine woman who has no sexual feeling whatsoever for the male species and is only drawn to other women.”

Check out the graphic, it’s interesting.

And that’s all, folks.

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