Bernie Sanders will hold Town Hall on inequality with Elizabeth Warren & Michael Moore

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Photo: PBS

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced Thursday that on March 19 he will host Inequality in America: A National Town Hall on Facebook Live focused on inequality in the United States in partnership with The Guardian, NowThis, The Young Turks and

Sanders, along with filmmaker Michel Moore, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, economist Darrick Hamilton and other experts, will discuss poverty in America, the 40-year decline of the middle class, the growing power of corporate interests and how we an economy that works for all Americans.

“The issue of oligarchy and wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time and it is the great political issue of our time, yet it gets very little coverage from the corporate media,” Sanders said. “I am excited to build on the success of our Medicare for All town hall and go outside the traditional media to talk about who owns America, why the middle class is declining, extreme poverty and how we create an economy that works for everybody, not just the 1 percent.”

The event, titled “Inequality in America: The Rise of Oligarchy and Collapse of the Middle Class,” will be held in front of a live audience at the Capitol Visitor Center’s Congressional Auditorium in Washington from 7:00 to 8:20 p.m. and live streamed across the partners’ social media channels.

“The political establishment has completely turned away from the middle class and abandoned the American blue collar workers in favor of the wealthy elite,” said TYT host Ana Kasparian. “Tax cuts are only helping the top one percent and have become corporations’ best and most loyal friend . Our government needs to create opportunity for all people and it’s imperative that our elected officials make sure wages increase with the productivity of this country. I applaud Sen. Sanders’ work in making this the issue of our time. I look forward to working with Michael Moore, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Darrick Hamilton and the many other esteemed guests to advance the conversation and create change.”

John Mulholland, Guardian US editor said: “The Guardian strives to illuminate the most pressing and underreported issues facing America today. Widening levels of inequality are of huge concern to our American readers. We’re pleased to be involved in this event, helping to amplify one of the most endemic injustices in our society.”

“We need a government that works for all of us, not only the 1 percent. Likewise we are proud to partner in this town hall and amplify such a vital issue. Another world is possible, but we need a better media to make it,” said Harry Waisbren, co-founder of

Guests interested in attending in person can find more information here.


Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts
Elizabeth Warren has made her life’s work the fight for middle class families. She is recognized as one of the nation’s top experts on bankruptcy and the financial pressures facing middle class families, and the Boston Globe has called her “the plainspoken voice of people getting crushed by so many predatory lenders and under regulated banks.”

Michael Moore, filmmaker and author
Michael Moore is an Academy-Award winning documentary filmmaker, activist, and author. Among many issues his work has examined globalization, gun ownership, health care, and domestic and foreign policy.

Darrick Hamilton, Professor of Economics and Urban Policy, The New School, New York City
Professor Darrick Hamilton teaches economic and urban policy at the New School in New York. Both his academic work and activism is aimed at promoting greater economic, political, and social inclusion. His work examines inequality and identity, racism, and socioeconomic outcomes.

Catherine Coleman, Flowers, founder, Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise
Ms. Catherine Coleman Flowers is the founder of the Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise Community Development Corporation. Ms. Flowers has called attention to the lack of environmental and climate justice in poor rural communities, including exposing how some communities live surrounded by raw open sewage. Last year she invited the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty to Alabama, and he characterized what he saw as “uncommon in the first world.”

Cindy Estrada, Vice President of the United Auto Workers Union
Cindy Estrada is a longtime union organizer and social activist. She was first elected as vice president in 2010 and is the first Latina elected to serve as an International officer. Cindy developed a passion for the labor movement while listening to her grandparents and other family members talk about their experiences working on farms and inside the factories of Detroit. Their stories were the first of many that have guided Estrada in her dedication to empower workers and show them they deserve a seat at the table to raise and resolve workplace problems and improve their working conditions.

Professor Gordon Lafer, Political Scientist, University of Oregon
Dr. Gordon Lafer, a political economist, is a Professor at the University of Oregon’s Labor Education and Research Center and a Research Associate with the Economic Policy Institute. He has spent many years working as a union organizer and has seen how people have been mistreated or ripped off by their employers. His most recent book is The One Percent Solution: How Corporations Are Remaking America One State at a Time (Cornell University Press, 2017).

Get a copy of Bernie Sanders’ autobiography with a donation of ANY size

Get Bernie's book for donationWant to learn how Sen. Bernie Sanders became the only Independent federal Senator in the United States? Read his autobiography, which his campaign will send you in exchange for a donation of ANY size.

I had $3 to share so that’s what I sent and a few days later, there was the book sitting proudly in my mailbox. It’s a great, easy and fascinating read. I not only recommend it, I urge you to get your own copy and learn more about partisan politics, running an excellent campaign, community organizing and of course, Bernie Sanders himself – who has become the front-runner in the 2016 Democractic primary election despite being ignored by major media outlets much of the time.

Anonymous endorses Bernie Sanders, gives 10 good reasons to support him

Anonymous HopeOn Daily Kos, VL Baker shares Anonymous’ letter, which sets forth their Ten Reasons That Will Convince You That Bernie Sanders Deserves Your Vote

December 23rd, 2015 | by CoNN

It’s time to celebrate a candidate who deserves the spotlight, more so than other candidates from either side of the left-right false divide.

Here are 10 reasons why Bernie Sanders deserves more coverage from the mainstream media and, ultimately, your vote:

1) He supports a new Glass Steagall act – hell he even detailed 5 reasons explaining why it’s important; passed over 80 years ago, it had prevented commercial banks from participating in investment banking. It was repealed in 1999, and banks used this new-found ability  to plunder the savings of their depositors by making extremely risky “investments” for their own profit. This is the primary reason for the 2008 financial crisis, and the reason why the big banks had to be bailed out by taxpayers.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to reinstate Glass-Steagall while Trump wants regulations on Wall Street to be weakened. read more

America responds resoundingly to Bernie Sanders’ anger & honesty in Dem Debate

CNN Politics poll results
Source: CNN Politics Facebook Page 14 Oct 2015

Facebook Page 14 Oct 2015[/caption]Did you notice in the Dem debate that all of the candidates (except O’Malley, who seems immutable) were trying to be more human – even Hillary, who failed miserably (because she’s a bot and has serious barriers to displaying emotion thanks to her botox cheeks and varnished hair). This is all because of Bernie Sanders, who has single-handledly managed to re-introduce humanity and compassion back into the American political dialogue.

Filmmaker Michael Moore says

I almost choked when Hillary started talking about representing banks … and then said that student loans could be renegotiated – but not forgiven obviously, cause what would that do to her banker clients? … and that education shouldn’t be free. Of course not: if education were free who would go into debt for half their lives to buy it?

So, who won the first Democrat Party debate?

On Facebook this morning, friend Bryan Alexander pointed out:

The media tend to see Hillary Clinton as last night’s victor, and they’re right on one score. Her major goals were to reassure investors, and to ward off Joe Biden’s entry.

But pundits are blind to just how excellent Bernie Sanders was. Clearly the best orator, winning far more audience love than anyone else.

Let’s head over to the poll results: The CNN Politics poll at the head of this post shows CNN watchers were overwhelmingly impressed with Sanders at 81% v Hillary’s 13%. But funny enough, a Reddit commenter says that CNN took those results down from their website sometime today and now show Hillary’s numbers as higher than Bernie’s. This change may be related to CNN’s parent being one of Hillary’s top donors. They left the poll up on Facebook, tho, where I grabbed it at about 1 pm.

No matter, there are other polls to look at and donations too. TeleSUR’s report shows Sanders winning in several polls, and additionally:

Sanders’ campaign office reported after the debate they had received over a million dollars in donations from people who felt the presidential hopeful had made a very good impression Tuesday night.

Twitter followers gained during DemDebate

There’s also how the Twitterverse responded. Forbes reports:

Sanders gained 35,163 new followers during the 150-minute debate. Meanwhile, the other four Democrats gained a total of just 23,219 new followers — combined — led by Hillary Clinton, who added 13,252 new Twitter followers by herself.

And, Sanders’ press release cites some pretty good news on the expanded social front:

On social media, where Sanders’ grassroots revolution began, there were more Google searches for Sanders than for any other candidate. He was the most retweeted candidate of the night, according to Twitter. He gained more followers on Twitter than any other candidate and Twitter said people talked about Sanders more than any other candidate online.

Facebook said Sanders had the “biggest social moment” of the debate. Twitter agreed. Both said online interest peaked when Sanders said relentless news media focus on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails were a distraction from more important issues. “What the Secretary said is right. And that is the American people are tired of hearing about your damn emails,” Sanders said. Instead, he added, this campaign should be about the grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality in our country, the unprecedented planetary emergency of our changing climate, and our need to invest in jobs and education, not jails and incarceration. read more

Why America needs Elizabeth Warren to run for president

Elizabeth WarrenI love Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders, but the politician that completely awes me is Elizabeth Warren. These progressives both speak powerful truths that America needs to hear, so maybe it’s a style thing – Warren is a bit more polished than Sanders – or, maybe it’s Warren being a woman. All I can tell you is that this lady has become very special to me. And I have a dream … that this outspoken advocate who believes in and champions decent values, dignity and living wages for working Americans, honesty and integrity in the business community; truth in politics and the media and students not being forced into a lifetime of debt in order to get college educated and protection of social security and other social safety nets … will run for president in the 2016 Election and win.

I want a candidate I can wholeheartedly get behind, and one who will truly and effectively fight for the America I believe in. For me, that person is Elizabeth Warren.

If you don’t know much about this courageous lady that fearlessly uses her position as US Senator to stand up to Big Monied interests and the governmental flunkies that support their getting away with thievery every day, watch this interview. I’m pretty sure you’ll end up charmed by Sen. Warren too.

In an introductory email Moveon comments, “The interview’s a little long, but it’s entirely worth it. And be sure to watch the part where the hosts play a special message from actor and activist Mark Ruffalo that he recorded especially for Sen. Warren — it’s just after the 21-minute point.”

Elizabeth Warren became my hero the day I heard her now famous speech: that no business person can claim to make it “on his own” because they all rely on public assets that are collectively bought and paid for.

Transcript: There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. You built a factory out there – good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory… Now look. You built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea – God Bless! Keep a Big Hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay it forward for the next kid who comes along. read more