The best chance for anti-people politicians is to discredit Bernie Sanders – and they’re trying.

Bernie’s taking heat for his supposed position on reparations for the US slave trade but do we know what he actually said? A Sanders America would be one where justice, equity, fairness and inclusion are goals that we strive to reach as a nation, with support from our president and national leadership. That’s exactly why Power is united in working so hard against Bernie:

“Media outlets like CNN … stacked the audience with well connected questioners at a town hall this past Monday.

One of them, who asked about the suddenly hot button issue of reparations for slavery, worked for the centrist Aspen Institute and now works for a non-profit whose board includes executives for the world’s biggest private equity firm, the Carlyle Group and the former employer of leaker Edward Snowden, Booz Allen Hamilton. This and other obvious conflicts were not disclosed by the network who presented the questioners as ordinary voters.

On the issue of reparations itself, as Briahna Gray of the Intercept wrote after the town hall, Sanders gave the right answer to the question, that first it will be important to define what the term means, as centrists Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are using it to describe different programs, none of which are directly focused on redressing the historic grievances of African Americans and the inequalities that persist in these communities to this day.”

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