The Discuss Race Group is open for membership (& discussion)

Keep calm and stop racismThe Wei announces the opening of the Discuss Race Group. We will discuss books and issues related to racism, privilege and justice in face to face and virtual meetings (via teleconference, Skype or Google+ Hangout). In August 2013, we kick off with readings and discussion of The New Jim Crow by Michelle West Alexander.

To make it easy for people reliant on public transportation to attend f2f meetings, we hope to hold them in urban centers. In between times, communication will happen through a private email list, and meetings will be announced through this list as well.

People of any age or profession interested in social, economic and educational justice are welcome to Discuss Race! Just send an email telling us in a sentence or two why you’d like to join. Please include your name, preferred email address, social media handles and mobile number.

The Discuss Race Group Parents are Kimi Wei and Okaikor Aryee-Price (who’s a BAT).

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