The Logic of the Cat (fun video)

This looks important I must eat it

Wonderful video showing some of the wonderfully unpredictable, silly and sometimes annoying but funny things our cats do. It’s totally impossible to stay angry at them, even when they sleep in our cookware. Brought to you by Cole and Marmalade (whom are cats, naturally) and their people.

Hah – every school year should start like this!

teacher flash mob singersFaithtap asks the right question! “What better way to kick off a new year than with the spread of joy and enthusiasm?” Flash mob of singing teachers does exactly that. And they sound good, too!

The Desmoines, Iowa flash district teachers performed ‘One More Day’ from the hit Broadway musical Les Miserables. Not all are music teachers.

NJ serious about protecting LGBT community from conversion therapy

love needs no cure
A protest against a conversion therapy conference in London in 2009. Photo credit: Nicolas Chinardet
In June 2013, the state assembly voted to make New Jersey the 2nd state to prohibit conversion therapy. Salon writes,

Assemblyman Tim Eustace — the bill’s sponsor and an openly gay man — has called the practice “an insidious form of child abuse.”

Conversion therapy is always forced, psychologically brutal and it is sometimes, physically damaging as well. Furthermore, it is based on the false premise that being gay is wrong.

On 25 June 2015, New Jersey courts acted to establish another legal avenue for protection to victims of conversion therapy by opening an avenue for collecting financial damages: read more

Why the TPP’s so bad, and why you should care

Info on TPP found at the EFF website
You know the part where they teach you that we are citizens of a democracy – which means free speech, civil rights for all and fairness in our justice and commerce systems?

No matter what we might be duking out on United States soil in regards to what that means for People of Color, women, transgender folk and whatnot .. what would our lives be like if those rights were permanently taken away from all of us, permanently .. and control over them were given not even to foreign governments, but to major corporations instead of any government at all? read more

Spectacular use of tech: drone film of LA visual treasures

Ian Wood on VimeoFilmmaker and drone flyer Ian Wood has put together a beautiful video of visual treasures in downtown LA, well worthy of the 5 minute viewing time with a rocking blues soundtrack that makes it a fun watch.

People, this is a good use of drone technology – spreading wonder, enjoyment … celebrating culture and sense of place – and showing that aerial photography is within reach of the average Joe. Wood’s video comes with a companion map of locations he filmed.

Thanks for the heads up Curbed LA and friend Leen de Weerd Mosley. read more

Get what you need: ask, release and focus on gratitude

Asking for what you need is brave
Graphic by LibbyDoodle – find her at

Need keeps you stuck

As long as you need something, you will not have it. The energy of your need pushes away the reality of whatever you seek.

Instead of focusing on what you need, focus on what you have. Because somewhere in whatever you have is the pathway to whatever you desire.

That’s why gratitude is so empowering. Gratitude shines a bright light on your resources and possibilities, and enables you to make good use of them.

Focus on what you have, and on what you can do. No matter what you seek, no matter how far away it may seem, there is something you can do right now to move yourself closer. read more

Free YMCA sleep away camp for 7-12 year old Newark kids

YMCA campA glorious 2-week sleep away camp adventure for Newark children ages 7-12 is waiting for your child at a YMCA camp in Newton, NJ – and it will cost you nothing but a phone call! Activity options include archery, bike riding, craft making, boat paddling, nature walks, swim lessons and much more in a safe, well supervised lakeside setting where kids can relax, bond and enjoy clean, healthy, outdoor fun and fantastic meals.

Secure your child’s spot by calling Matt of Fairview Lakes YMCA: office 973-383-9282 or mobile 201-618-5880. read more

Gay rights advance in Ireland and are defended by a Vermont mom

In honor of Ireland’s historic vote to allow same-sex marriage throughout the country, Truthout’s Senior Editor William Rivers Pitt shared this fabulous Letter to the Editor from a Vermont mother addressing the community of neighbors that began tormenting her son from age 6, mercilessly bullying him and calling him a “fag” because he didn’t walk and have the same interests as other students. In 2000 Sharon Underwood wrote: read more

Let evildoers fade into obscurity while we celebrate heroes

Arredondo saving bomb victimThe day after the surviving Boston Marathon bomber was sentenced to death last Friday, May 15 2015, Boston Globe writer Kevin Cullen reminds us to let the evildoers fade into the obscurity of history, while we focus on the heroes. Kevin asks, “How do we forget the Tsarnaev brothers? How do we write them out of the narrative, so that the legacy of the attack on the Boston Marathon focuses on those worth remembering?”

…the Tsarnaev brothers made choices, too, and they actually had much, much more time to make them. They spent months listening to the jihadi propaganda that promised them paradise if they murdered innocents. They spent more months preparing their bombs, preparing their minds, dehumanizing the strangers they would kill and maim. read more

In Chile music saves children from poverty & the sanity of two young women

Georgina misses her viola
Life was not easy for Melody and Georgina. In their small towns and Georgina’s crowded, one room house there was little room for laughter, serenity, dreams. But music changed that for these young women. Melody says, “Necesitaba una palabra para decir que extrañaba algo que nunca había tenido.” (“I needed a word to express that I missed something that I had never known.”)

Filmmaker Marialy Rivas tells their story of escape from the drudgery of poverty through a 15 minute documentary. Be advised — you might want some tissues before it’s over! read more

Chef & educator Twitty creates Afro-Jewish fusion

Michael Twitty, torah scholar
Michael Twitty (@koshersoul) is a fascinating man I would love to share a Pesach (Passover) seder with. We could trade stories – Michael, of what being a Black Jew celebrity chef is all about … while I would tell about running my mother’s Chinese takeaway restaurant and Asian grocery store in downtown Tel Aviv. From her hospital bed, Mom said if I kept alive the business she loved so much, she felt she could win the battle to regain her health. Whatever I did or didn’t do, those who loved that vivacious wonder enjoyed Mom’s company for almost another decade after that. Mom was Israeli and my Dad is Chinese. read more