We should name hurricanes after climate change denying politicians

Hurricane Marco Rubio

Hurricane Marco RubioI agree: we need a new naming convention for tropical storms and hurricanes. The Ivans, Andrews and Katrinas of this world should not be made to suffer when the blame for climate change rests largely on the shoulders of climate change denying politicians who continue to encourage commercialization of natural resources and phenomenal pollution of our beloved Planet Earth.

In future, let us have Hurricanes Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Michelle Bachman and Senator Marco Rubio … and leave the unnamed innocents to remain peaceably anonymous. read more

GOP Dinophant!

GOP dinophant

Haha .. look at this … a GOP dinophant! [ seems about right to me : ) ]

Not to be confused with this thoughtful piece by Jose Luis Vilson on the importance of looking at education in terms of its impact on people of color, entitled Embracing the Elephant (Race and Education Reform) GOP dinophant

Is the US financially swimming, or sinking?

My insightful friend and great truth-teller, Han Broekman, shares this on the United States financial situation:

Disappointed that even Krugman doesn’t talk here about the difference between debt and deficit. Debt is the grand total of all debts the US Federal administration has incurred. The deficit is the difference each year between the outlays and incomes of the US. Sometimes (mostly under Democratic administrations), there is no deficit, but a surplus. Whether or not deficits are really bad, and whether debt is really bad, is a question economists can’t agree on. So small wonder that debt and deficit are huge politically charged subjects … read more

Heed MLK and don’t vote for Booker. No voten por Booker.

Rush Holt the educator

Rush Holt the educatorThere’s a New Jersey primary today to select candidate for special election in October. If you want a senator who will stand up for the wealthy to pay their fair share, help lead the fight against foreclosures, defend public education, privacy and protect us against climate change, vote for Rush Holt. His early career years were spent as a rocket scientist and a teacher. Holt has backbone and priorities aligned with fairness for working folk and clean air for all.

Polls are open today till 8pm, so get out and vote! Not sure where your voting place is? Find your polling location. read more