OK John Oliver, I made my comment to the FCC on net neutrality. Happy now?

John Oliver on Net NeutralityI’ve made comments to the FCC about net neutrality in previous comment periods but not this one. Enter John Oliver, who made such a convincing argument about the need to take advantage of our bloody rights as US citizen to make a positive difference in this matter, that I felt shamed enough to submit another comment today.

If you too wish to be motivated to get off YouTube, Facebook or whatever you’re on for a while and use your computer for the God-given purpose it was clearly designed for (that is: the protection and furtherance of global democracy) then you too NEED to watch John Oliver’s segment on Last Week Tonight about Net Neutrality. Go on, I dare you to watch and come away uninspired. read more

Michael Jackson’s banned 1995 song about racism “They Don’t Care About Us”

Michael at prison lunchD.B. Anderson tells us about the suppression and history of “They Don’t Care About Us”, the anti-racism song Michael Jackson wrote and recorded two years after being strip-searched by police in 1993.

“They Don’t Care About Us” was denounced by The New York Times even before its release, and did not reach much of its intended audience because the controversy caused by the New York Times article would go on to overshadow the song itself. Radio stations were reluctant to play it and one of the short films Jackson created for the song was banned in the US read more

Must-read on the sacredness of voting

FlagOn December 14, the New York Times published Op-ed Columnist Charles M. Blow‘s opinion America, Who Are We? Mr. Blow writes on “Politics, public opinion and social justice” and his thoughts are deep and persuasive.

Last week I spoke at a seminary and graduate school in New York about the protests following the grand jury decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

It was invigorating and inspiring to be among so many young people with so much passion about social justice, young people beginning to feel their power as change agents and brimming to exercise it by disrupting the status quo. read more

#Afterthoughts: what disenfranchisement does

Friends share #afterthoughts in the days following #Ferguson and #EricGarner.

new age of slavery flag

Analilia Mejía, on Facebook

Analilia Mejia
07 Dec 2014 at 08:42
Watching a White Christmas for the first time this morning and all I can think of is that this exemplifies the economic disadvantage forced on people of color.. There are no black soldiers in the 151 Division, in fact no black characters asides for the AA car porter (whom at the time would have been discriminated against in employment, advancement and pay). All of the happy GI’s who created comfortable lives (enough to drop everything and head to Vermont) did so through their access to higher Ed, a growth in professional jobs and their ability to build equity in a newly created suburbia. Blissfully ignorant (or directly complicit) to the denial of the same benefit to AA GI’s. Redlining prevented home purchases and neighborhood covenants kept them out of suburbia (and its schools). Racism denied (and denies) equal access and advancement into more lucrative jobs and careers. The American Legion and VFW routinely denied claims of African Americans in pursuit of higher education, and those who did access it where barred by racist policies in many universities, or limited to increasingly strained HBCU’s and even then faced the hurdles of an inferior preparation by Jim Crow segregated AND unequal k-12 schools.. This all led to a wealth gap passed on through generations. Your comforts today are DIRECTLY influenced by your grandparents owning a home, generations of superior education impacts how well YOU did (much less if you went). This inequity is exacerbated today by the foreclosure crisis that disproportionately dismantles POC communities thanks to predatory lending. All of this didn’t happen centuries ago and hence we are past it. This systemic racism has tentacles that reach back into times of slavery, peonage re-enslavement, Jim Crow, the struggles of the civil rights era and into today with the subsequent dismantling of that dream through continued inequity in education, mass incarceration, an unjust justice system to name a few.. But much like those soldiers and Bing in that movie, most of white America is OBLIVIOUS to all of this. Insulated or intentionally blind. Lucky them, they get to dream about a White Christmas while black mothers are mourning their sons and WE continue to lose our belief in the system this holiday season… read more

Mother of killed 4 year old Israeli boy writes to UN Sec’y General

UN Camp teaches Jew hatred

UN Camp teaches Jew hatred
(Foto Source) Our good family friend Rabbi Moshe Jordan S. Yasgur forwarded this email, written by the mother of a 4 year old Israeli boy to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. The recent Hamas-Gaza conflict has caused an international outcry to be raised against Israel, but examination reveals that the barbarities and calls for genocide are emanating from the Hamas side.

My sons’ godfather Rabbi Moshe Yasgur forwarded us this letter, written by the mother of a 4 year old Israeli boy to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.  read more

Errr, Dems: campaign means promote our candidates, not theirs

Dem doorhangers featuring GOP candidates

gop candidates promoted by demsAnother reason progressives lose: we’re morons at candidate promotion. Constantly naming the oppositions’ candidates and pasting photos of them all over the media is not a winning strategy.

Stop helping the other team give their candidates face time and views. Just freakin’ stop. Door hangers featuring GOP candidates belong in the Dem HQ recycling bins.

Dems don’t offer Blacks enough support but GOP is worse

Baratunde Thurston

Friend Bryan Alexander reminded me tonight that Dems take the Black vote entirely for granted. He’s so right. This is probably one of the big reasons that communities of color aren’t getting the help they expected with fighting public school takeovers by charters (Philly) … schools being just closed down (Chicago (where 49 schools were closed in one day – by Dem mayor Rahm Emmanuel) and Newark) and why Dems supported the devious Governor Christie’s 2013 re-election bid instead of getting behind Democratic Party candidate Barbara Buono – a progressive with a long, strong record of promoting excellence in public education, and transparency and accountability in the realm of public service and politics. read more

Is your Congressman against Big Money corruption in America?

Represent Us CD Team

Represent Us CD Team
Project 435 wants to get all 435 US Congressmen on record as being for or against the American Anti-Corruption Act. The next step will be, running a national campaign to publicize Congressional Representatives’ stand against (or not against) corruption and then leverage bipartisan public support to get the American Anti-Corruption Act passed.

Sign the petition to take back control of our government and rebuild a democratic society by showing your support for the American Anti-Corruption Act … and if you want to get more involved, indicate your volunteer preferences too. read more

Christie wants to use leftover campaign funds to pay for Bridgegate defense

Christie's Bridgegate

Christie's BridgegateYou would think that a person in Christie’s situation would learn from past mistakes, but I guess after you’ve fallen a certain distance from grace self-correction becomes impossible. Christie’s camp is once again making the law all about our governor’s wishes instead of about legal precedent, common decency, responsibility to constituents or logic.

This time, Christie wants to use leftover campaign funds to pay legal bills for the Bridgegate defense. No matter that the Christie-Booker team went after Sharpe James for doing exactly the same thing: read more

Bob Braun explores relationship between Christie and NJ violence

Screaming ChristieLots of things Bob Braun says are way too important to only be seen on Facebook. Like his thoughts on the relationship between Christie’s ranting/abuse and youth shootings motivated by a desire for “respect”:

If the governor of the state can suggest that someone should “take a bat” to a woman, why should we be surprised that a child shoots people because they “disrespected” him?

We live in a state in which the governor prides himself in bullying, misogynistic behavior, someone who shows his displeasure with threatening gestures and who refuses to defend gun restrictions in court. We live in a state whose voters re-elected this bully and elected as US senator a man who, as Newark mayor, laid off cops and presided over the worst carnage in almost a decade. We live in a state where the busiest interstate crossing can be held for political ransom despite the threat to public safety. read more

Book: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
Category: Social Justice
"The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander"
Author Michelle Alexander-West is the wife of a United States federal prosecutor and an attorney in her own right. In this book, she does a truly remarkable job of drilling down through levels of strategy, policy and procedure that form the complex web of injustice that has brought the United States to the terrible point of imprisoning over 1% of our adult population and detaining 25% of all prisoners everywhere in the world … many of whom have been jailed for minor offenses, such as carrying a couple of marijuana cigarettes. Over 3200 non-violent offenders have been jailed for life for non-violent offenses like that, or for stealing an item of clothing worth $150. Unjust imprisonment is part of the intentional destruction of the lives of people of color. read more

The federal budget deal will be death for many Americans

Richard Eskow reviews the federal budget deal in the Huffington Post. He finds it seriously lacking, both in compassion and solutions to prevent today’s vulnerable from being completely consumed by the wealthy.

Man’s inhumanity to man.

I know, I know. That’s a pretty depressing thing to say. But let’s look at the facts: Federal workers will be expected to subsidize this deal with an increase in their out-of-pocket pension costs. There will be cuts to Medicare. Airline passengers will pay a new tax. Military retirees — military retirees — will see their benefits cut. read more

Christie’s people won’t honor OPRA request about conditions in 4 schools

bad school conditions in NJThe Schools Development Authority (SDA) is denying the public information on the facility conditions at Camden High School, Thomas G. Connors Elementary School (Hoboken), Cleveland Elementary School (Orange), and Orange High School.

The Education Law Center made an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request to obtain the SDA’s reports on the facility conditions at these four schools which are badly in need of repair. The SDA said no. This is unacceptable! Communities have a right to know what the facility conditions are at their schools. This is another example of the SDA stalling on urgent repairs. read more

Time calls Christie the “Elephant In the Room”

Christie made a big stink when Barbara Buono said New Jersey didn’t want to see Christie frolicking on the beach, claiming his opponent’s comment was an oblique reference to his weight. Is the big man going to cry “foul” to Time magazine now, which boldly portrays Christie on its current cover along with caption, “The Elephant In the Room”?

Time defends its cover choice on its blog.


  • Comment on NBC’s Facebook page and they might read your comment on Today in New York.
  • Take a poll at Huffington Post: is this in poor taste or “What’s the problem?”.
  • read more

    A Dem vote is a vote for President Obama

    Buono for GovernorEveryone knows I have the best Facebook friends. Today, one of them wrote a few true and important words about the upcoming election – so, I hope you’re paying attention! Cynthia Oneday Flood says:


    Evelyn Concepcion adds,

    I do not think people understand the magnitude of this election. I have been watching it since day one. Governor Christie has allied with some Democrats just so they can get both the house and Senate. He is aligning himself for the Presidential run in 2016. He does not truly care about bi partisan alies to help the people of New Jersey. He will use them and throw them to the side once this election is over. The true issue is that the working poor, our veterans, our seniors, our children and our people will suffer even more should he be re- elected. We MUST vote Democracts in. Barbara Buono must and should be our next Governor. We must deliver on our Promise to our President.we need Democract in both the house and Senate. We need a Democract as Governor. All those Democracts who left their political party to support Republicans must be voted out. we have enough Democracts in New Jersey to vote them out. You have to vote Nov 5, 2013. read more