5 articles on why charters are bad for Paterson

Mother Crusader is a new voice in education reform – on the good guy side. This lady didn’t intend to become an advocate for public education. But, she followed the thread of a bit of “education reform” injustice she stumbled across one day which led her to a huge ball of intentional attacks on public education by privatizers who want the money it represents for themselves, and are out to destroy students’ minds, happiness and their communities while they’re at it, in order to get that money. Mother Crusader was disturbed, put aside all of her other tasks for the week and wrote a series of articles explaining in very clear English, why charter schools are bad and exactly why the Paterson Collegiate Charter School in particular, is bad for Paterson.

Read, weep and please share your thoughts and reactions.

Update: Mother Crusader reports that on Thursday, February 21 2013 the Paterson Board of Education resolved – at the behest of Board Member Dr. Jonathan Hodges – to investigate why New Jersey pushed through approval of two new charter schools in the city without notifying the Board of Education or consulting the residents of Paterson.

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