America responds resoundingly to Bernie Sanders’ anger & honesty in Dem Debate

CNN Politics poll results
Source: CNN Politics Facebook Page 14 Oct 2015
Facebook Page 14 Oct 2015[/caption]Did you notice in the Dem debate that all of the candidates (except O’Malley, who seems immutable) were trying to be more human – even Hillary, who failed miserably (because she’s a bot and has serious barriers to displaying emotion thanks to her botox cheeks and varnished hair). This is all because of Bernie Sanders, who has single-handledly managed to re-introduce humanity and compassion back into the American political dialogue.

Filmmaker Michael Moore says

I almost choked when Hillary started talking about representing banks … and then said that student loans could be renegotiated – but not forgiven obviously, cause what would that do to her banker clients? … and that education shouldn’t be free. Of course not: if education were free who would go into debt for half their lives to buy it?

So, who won the first Democrat Party debate?

On Facebook this morning, friend Bryan Alexander pointed out:

The media tend to see Hillary Clinton as last night’s victor, and they’re right on one score. Her major goals were to reassure investors, and to ward off Joe Biden’s entry.

But pundits are blind to just how excellent Bernie Sanders was. Clearly the best orator, winning far more audience love than anyone else.

Let’s head over to the poll results: The CNN Politics poll at the head of this post shows CNN watchers were overwhelmingly impressed with Sanders at 81% v Hillary’s 13%. But funny enough, a Reddit commenter says that CNN took those results down from their website sometime today and now show Hillary’s numbers as higher than Bernie’s. This change may be related to CNN’s parent being one of Hillary’s top donors. They left the poll up on Facebook, tho, where I grabbed it at about 1 pm.

No matter, there are other polls to look at and donations too. TeleSUR’s report shows Sanders winning in several polls, and additionally:

Sanders’ campaign office reported after the debate they had received over a million dollars in donations from people who felt the presidential hopeful had made a very good impression Tuesday night.

Twitter followers gained during DemDebate
There’s also how the Twitterverse responded. Forbes reports:

Sanders gained 35,163 new followers during the 150-minute debate. Meanwhile, the other four Democrats gained a total of just 23,219 new followers — combined — led by Hillary Clinton, who added 13,252 new Twitter followers by herself.

And, Sanders’ press release cites some pretty good news on the expanded social front:

On social media, where Sanders’ grassroots revolution began, there were more Google searches for Sanders than for any other candidate. He was the most retweeted candidate of the night, according to Twitter. He gained more followers on Twitter than any other candidate and Twitter said people talked about Sanders more than any other candidate online.

Facebook said Sanders had the “biggest social moment” of the debate. Twitter agreed. Both said online interest peaked when Sanders said relentless news media focus on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails were a distraction from more important issues. “What the Secretary said is right. And that is the American people are tired of hearing about your damn emails,” Sanders said. Instead, he added, this campaign should be about the grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality in our country, the unprecedented planetary emergency of our changing climate, and our need to invest in jobs and education, not jails and incarceration.

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