Reactions begin to emerge about increase in Palestinian violence against Jews

In Israel, Jewish families and children are being stabbed in hate crimes. Yesterday, almost-13 year old Naor Shalev ben Rut was stabbed several times and now fights to retain his hold on life. Yet instead of call for an end to Arab violence, the UN’s head has called for Israel to leave Arabs alone. The UN is famous for its discrimination against Israel but this is right over the top and seems very like incitement. Major media as usual, has been largely silent on the violence except to criticize Israel for taking steps to protect or stop the knifers but now this might be changing.

A new BBC report seems somewhat balanced and yesterday’s Wall Street Journal report Palestine: The Psychotic Stage … The truth about why Palestinians have been seized by their present blood lust is outright critical both of Palestinian violence and of Big Media’s refusal to either report or condemn it.

Speaking of incitement, Hamas has been distributing a horrible, graphic video encouraging Arabs to stab Jews and showing ways to do it. In the video, actors portray religious Jews as bullies. YouTube took the video down last Wednesday, “noting that it had violated YouTube’s policy of promoting hate speech.” I saved it to show what Hamas is advocating because I am sure that decent people will not agree with this policy and need to see with their own eyes the horror that is being espoused.

Even in the Arabic community, some outspoken members do not agree. Jordanian peace activist Ahmed Shahwan put out his own call in a video, asking his Arab brothers to stop stabbing people. Jerusalem online reports:

Shahwan referred to the stabbing of Jews as “the worst form of terrorism.” He noted that it is against Islamic law to stab innocent people.

AJC Director David Harris expresses his dismay at the absence of compassion being expressed globally for Jewish suffering.

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