Anti-Jew propagandists say Israel buys oil from ISIS, but oil is from Kurds fighting them

Obama on ISIS
* Source: ABC news article on threat of ISIS
Some people and news outlets will say ANYTHING to make people hate Jews. Anything and everything. smh. In fact, there’s such a huge and constant flow of effluent propaganda against Israel funded by Saudi trillions, that it’s almost impossible to decipher the truth.

But here’s a report from Israeli news outlet Haaretz, which quotes the Financial Times, saying that contrary to many false reports, Israel is supporting the fight against ISIS by buying oil from Kurds, who are fighting that Muslim extremist group:

According to the report, which cited shipping data, trading sources and satellite tanker tracking, Israeli refineries and oil firms have imported more than 19 million barrels of Kurdish oil over the course of three months, from the beginning of May to August 11. 

The sales are reportedly worth $1 billion, which would prove a vital source of income to Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish north as it fights Islamic State militants.

…a senior Kurdish government adviser was quoted as saying … “Our priority is getting the cash to fund our Peshmerga forces against Daesh [ISIS] and to pay civil servant salaries.”

* Obama on ISIS photo with quote is from ABC news report.

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