Take back America: Boycott abusers and elect community-minded politicians

Uncle Sam & Rosie support Obama
Source Beverly & Pack on Twitter: Patriotic Uncle Sam & Rosie the Riveter support Barack Obama as the next president of the USA
With money comes power, and some have plenty of money, so watch out America: the Koch Brothers wealth increased by $12B in 2014. They’re after your food stamps and other nutrition programs. They want Obamacare dismantled … and same for the United States Post Office, Social Security and housing assistance programs. They want prison populations increased and public education, gone forever. They want to house our parents and grandparents in homes where they decide what food and care they will get. They want to own our food systems and determine how well we eat. They don’t even want us growing our own food, unless they sell us the seeds.

The uniting thread here is privatization. The Koch Brothers, the Walton Family (that owns Walmart) and their colleagues in ALEC want America to experience the type of crushing poverty portrayed by Dickens in Victorian England.

Your first defense against these monsters: vote out politicians loyal to their interests and vote in politicians who are community minded, accountable and responsive to the needs of the people they serve. That’s us. No excuses about why you don’t want to vote, don’t need to vote or won’t vote because your vote doesn’t count! It most certainly does count.

Giving up your vote is the same as giving 2 votes to the people who want to make you suffer: when an abuser-aligned voter casts a vote – and you did not balance out the election results with your own – you just gave the abuse voter double power. To achieve a more equitable and just society, you must vote. Raise your voice and exercise your right and power as a citizen of democracy.

Second line of defense: boycott the abusers. The sad truth is that a lot of the super-rich’s wealth comes from selling us toilet paper, cleaning products and other essential items. The items are essential, but we don’t need to buy it from people who use our own money against us. Learn what products the abusers’ companies make – and don’t buy them. Ever. Once they get their hands on your money, it will be used against you in every possible way.

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