Take back America: Boycott abusers and elect community-minded politicians

Uncle Sam & Rosie support Obama
Source Beverly & Pack on Twitter: Patriotic Uncle Sam & Rosie the Riveter support Barack Obama as the next president of the USA
With money comes power, and some have plenty of money, so watch out America: the Koch Brothers wealth increased by $12B in 2014. They’re after your food stamps and other nutrition programs. They want Obamacare dismantled … and same for the United States Post Office, Social Security and housing assistance programs. They want prison populations increased and public education, gone forever. They want to house our parents and grandparents in homes where they decide what food and care they will get. They want to own our food systems and determine how well we eat. They don’t even want us growing our own food, unless they sell us the seeds. read more

Trick jump-roping sisters in Rio

soccer ball jump roper

soccer ball jump roperThese women jump-ropers from Hungary make it look easy to heft a soccer ball while jump-roping. Truth is, I went to school with a bunch of girls who were probably many times more skilled than these ladies, but my schoolmates didn’t come up with the idea of jump-roping and butt-rope-jumping all over Rio during World Cup season like they did.

By the way, I boycotted the World Cup to protest the Brazilian government’s “sanitization program” which removed entire communities of poor people and ordered the killing of over 120 street orphans to make the World Cup area nice for tourists. read more

Join Newark students in mass rally & boycott for local control on Mon. Nov 4

Newark Student Union/No ChristiebuttonsThe Newark Students Union (NSU) organized a massive 1,000 student walkout last April and on Monday Nov 4, they will stage another mass boycott demanding that quality education be returned to Newark. The students want Gov. Christie to fund schools at court ordered levels and to repair school buildings, which are currently unsafe – two legal obligations which Christie has refused to honor. Spread the word about the rally and be there if you can. The social media hashtag is #npsboycott.

Boycott & Rally to Protest Gov. Christie’s Control of Newark Public Schools
November 4 2013 @ 9am
30 Clinton Street in Newark NJ
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Act for Trayvon

Trayvon Martin American flag hoodie

Join the movement.

Here’s a list of actions we can carry out to honor Trayvon Martin’s life and protest the Florida government’s handling of his murderer’s trial. Please add yours as a comment.

Trayvon Martin American flag hoodie

  • Trayvon’s Bday was Feb 5th. So, NO SPENDING every month on the 5th.
  • No Florida NOTHING! We are boycotting Florida tourism, travel, spending, entertainment, oranges, orange juice … EVERYTHING!
  • No more BLACK Friday … We are turning Black Friday RED! No spending, period.
  • Vote out bad politicians and replace them with politicians who are caring, fair and who will be accountable to us.
  • Vote in local, state and national elections
  • Boycott products of all companies and brands the Koch Brothers own shares in
  • Increase our civic engagement and bring our voices to the table on every issue
  • Practice community journalism
  • Reduce our spending to the bare minimum
  • Go green and sustainable
  • Move money out of banks and into to credit unions (which are cooperatively owned)
  • Boycott Big Money and their financial institutions as much as possible.
  • Increase entrepreneurship
  • Rethink investments in stocks and insurance. How can we invest in communities instead.
  • Mentor youth of color
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