Join Newark students in mass rally & boycott for local control on Mon. Nov 4

Newark Student Union/No ChristiebuttonsThe Newark Students Union (NSU) organized a massive 1,000 student walkout last April and on Monday Nov 4, they will stage another mass boycott demanding that quality education be returned to Newark. The students want Gov. Christie to fund schools at court ordered levels and to repair school buildings, which are currently unsafe – two legal obligations which Christie has refused to honor. Spread the word about the rally and be there if you can. The social media hashtag is #npsboycott.

Boycott & Rally to Protest Gov. Christie’s Control of Newark Public Schools
November 4 2013 @ 9am
30 Clinton Street in Newark NJ

“The boycott and protest will demonstrate that Newark Public Schools students care deeply about our education,” says Luis Marquez, a high school senior and member of the Newark Students Union. “We’re rebelling against the control of politicians that don’t care about or respect for us. A few months ago Christie bragged, ‘I don’t care about the community criticism. We run the school district in Newark, not them.'”

Davian Rodriguez, a senior at Science Park High School, expands on this theme, “The education of Newark’s students directly affects the future of the city. Christie-appointed Superintendent Cami Anderson is purposely ignoring the cries of protest echoing across the city. She and Christie are in effect, condemning Newark to a perpetual cycle of state-sponsored ignorance and poverty. If the government won’t support the students it is legally pledged to protect and nurture, then we students need to come together and take the fate of Newark Public Schools into our own hands.”

“Students of the Newark Public School System have come together to speak with a single, clear voice,” says Josephine Stewart, a grandparent of one NPS student. “Our students deserve a seat at the table whenever decisions are being made that will shape their future. And, after nineteen years of political meddling it is high time for the supervision of Newark students’ education to be returned to the local residents who care deeply for our youth and have a personal interest in chaperoning them on to successful educations, careers and lives.”
The social media hashtag is #npsboycott

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