Get free phone conferencing! Free, as in no money.

Free phone conferencing is well, free. So obviously the telcos would like to take it away from you.

The reason you are still paying huge sums of money for phone conferencing is because you didn’t know you could have this service for free. Go to, and you will be free phone conferencing in the few minutes it takes to set up your account.

The free phone conferencing service is available any time you want. UNLESS, that is, you’re a customer of AT&T/Cingular, Sprint or Qwest. Why is that?

These companies block calls to numbers used for the free service and are lobbying for laws which will cut you off from ever having free conferencing service. Phone companies sell their own branded conferencing services. Free service eats into their sales, so they want to cut you from accessing it. Then you’ll have to pay them more money.

It’s been scientifically proven that telcos love possessing your money as much, or more, as you do!

You can save Free Phone Conferencing!

Fight back to save free phone conferencing so it will be yours to use when you need it.

  1. First of all, will give you alternate numbers which aren’t blocked by your telco. Call their customer service department for those numbers.
  2. Refer to the FAQ for more information.
  3. Write to the FCC and the attorney general‘s office of your state. Individualized letters are more effective than form letters. “Include special points about free phone conferencing, and the continuation of it, which are of specific interest to you.”

Use this sample letter as a guideline

I object to the recent actions by AT&T/Cingular, Qwest, and Sprint to block calls to selected conference call providers and rural telephone companies. I do not believe they are operating within the law, the public interest or the terms of my existing telephone contract with them. I demand the right to:

  1. access all legal long distance numbers from my land line or cell phone
  2. use the conference calling service of my choice from my land line or cell phone
  3. choose and have access to legitimate, publicly available services via my land line or cell phone

My business will be severely impacted if I do not have access to conferencing services that are free with the normal cost of a long distance call (which already compensates these carriers for my call). I cannot/refuse to pay the exorbitant rates charged for conferencing services by large conference service providers such as AT&T.

Please take immediate action to stop this attack on my speech, my wallet and my right to use the provider of my choice.

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