Kelly Ripa’s Mets radio ad. Loaded, but with what?

1010 WINS, the New York metro area news radio program, has a commercial with Kelly Riper woman doing ads for the Mets. She names Mets forum members by name and town and speaks to one concern or question raised by each person. Manages to mention 3 or 4 people in a 1-minute commercial. Then encourages all of them to go right out and “Get (their) Mets tickets now!”

Kinda makes me want to login and be a member of that forum. Oh wait . . . . . . Yeah? That’s right. Darn. Almost forgot, I’m a Yankees fan.

About that Mets forum – the one that Kelly Riper calls a “blog”. Say, where is that darned forum anyway? Blogger Dana Brand can’t find it either. Here’s what Dana says about it:

“Kelly says, on the commercial, that she’s been looking at the blogs on Where are they? I’ve been all over that site and I can’t find any blogs. She gives the names of some bloggers and they have “Somebody from Somewhere” names like people who call into sports talk shows. Bloggers don’t have names like that. Does Kelly know what a blog is? Does the writer of the commercial know what a blog is? This Kelly, right here, is a blog. Not whatever it is you’ve been looking at. I hope she hasn’t been looking at the fan forum. She doesn’t want to go there. What people might say about her there is a lot worse than that she’s not a real Mets fan because she doesn’t know that David Wright’s favorite color is acquamarine. David, is that really your favorite color?”

Dana, when you find out what are the blogs or forum Kelly’s referring to, give me a holler, will you?

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