Kmart’s Joe Boxer ad may be in poor taste. Is it also racist?

Joe Boxer xmas commercial
Katie McDonough of Salon dislikes Kmart’s Joe Boxer male underwear ad #showyourjoe because it’s too overtly sexual for her taste, and she wonders about metal testicles. The booty shaking didn’t bother me – most popular musicals have way more spice in their dance routines.

When I watched the 1 minute commercial, what I noticed was that the only dude with speaking lines and the guy with the most shakes, was the single Black man out of a field of 6. Naturally, I asked myself – is this commercial racist? I’d love to know what you think.

2 Replies to “Kmart’s Joe Boxer ad may be in poor taste. Is it also racist?”

  1. This proves KMart is loooooooow class. I am deeply offended by this commercial. I will never set foot in that place. What low-life in K-mart’s administration allows this kind of trash?

    1. I don’t know .. I wasn’t offended by this commercial, but did notice that it seemed a bit skewed racially. Overall, it seems kind of cute.

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