No free pass on criticizing Israel & saying it’s not about Jews

When people express a problem with Israel, they are not talking about the many Israeli Arab citizens of the country or the pretty large number of Chinese that now live there. They are talking about Jews. That is why criticism of Israel is criticism of Jews – because when people criticize Israel they are really criticizing Jews, then pretending that is not what they intended to do.

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  1. First of all, I don’t respect diversity of opinion because in my business, diversity of opinion can get you killed. Being right is more important than being diverse anyway. There are plenty of ways to be wrong after all. Second, really? Because I’m not the Nate Fishman you were looking for, I don’t get any respect? Great company you keep Kimi.

  2. What do the likes of you suggest the Israelis do about an enemy that has demonstrated time and time again that it cannot be trusted? You guys seem to think that kill the Jews means love your neighbor. Sorry, but however you feel about Israeli foreign policy, once you realize who they are fighting, your position has to change.

  3. My father was Jewish, I have hundreds of Jewish cousins, literally, including some who live in Israel. Does that mean I should condone policies of Israel that I think are abhorrent? No. I have protested policies of my own government and I certainly also condemn policies of Israel. Protesting Israeli action does not equate to being anti-Semitic.

  4. The Jews and Israel have a special relationship with each other. I understand what you’re saying, but your comparison doesn’t hold water because of this fact, because criticism of Israel is linked to a rise in anti-jewish incidents around the world, including in the United States, and because Arabs are part of the Israeli government but when people criticize Israel they are not criticizing those Arabs.

  5. I don’t hate Isreal. Once again, to compare how you criticize the GOP, I criticize the LIKUD.
    Do you hate America because you criticize GOP policies?
    If you can’t tell the difference, I can unfriend you now and save us both the headache.

  6. The Arabs have a multi-million dollar tunnel system under knees Gaza and they get the support of the studies for billionaires. In fact Saudi money is probably the reason that you hate Israel and are brainwashed to think that we are such evil crap heads. Mega dollars are being spent to make you believe exactly that.

  7. In my twisted world the country bombing the apartheid people into the stone age are committing acts of evil. In my world the minority in said apartheid state trying to do harm to the country that gets Billions of dollars from US Tax dollars are also evil.
    In this day and age of precision targeting the country with the billion dollar military industrial complex is option for wholesale murder vs. Just eliminating the trouble makers.

    Hiding behind Blind nationalism is what the Nazis did and now 60+ years later the next generation of the Nazi victims have adopted Nazi philosophy.

    No one should kill anyone, it literally doesn’t get more simple than that

  8. Santo, in your twisted world, the Jews are the evil bogeymen going around killing Palestinian Arabs while Arabs can do no wrong. We could do whatever we wanted to the Arabs. We certainly have the tech and weaponry, and yet they are still here. So it leaves us with two options: 1, that Jews suck at genocide, or two, that our goal is not to wipe the Arabs off the map. Meanwhile, the Arabs who surround Israel have been calling for Israel’s destruction, and before there was an Israel, the Jews’ destruction. What would they do to Kimi and I if given a chance? Just ask the four boys who were murdered last Friday in Paris for the temerity to be Jewish.

  9. Well, the Palestines have been hammering away at the Jews for decades and are now. I’m sure you don’t care. You probably care about everyone EXCEPT Jews. Think about it.

  10. Of course not, you can not differentiate between criticizing the Isreali version of the Tea party and their killing of 1000’s of Civilians , and being anti Semitic…which are 2 totally different things

  11. Exactly Jerry Reiner, I can criticize Obama and it’ll have nothing to do with African Americans, I can criticize Christie and it’ll have nothing to do with Italian Americans,
    The anti Semitic card no longer works, especially after a massacre of 1000’s

  12. I’m sure for some being anti Israel is a smoke screen for anti semitism. You can also see it with the criticism of President Obama and racism and my personal favorite…being Christian meaninf being not Catholic. But not always.

  13. Jerry Reiner .. It’s become popular in progressive circles and many Muslim communities to express hatred of Israelis and say in the next breath, that that has nothing to do with hating Jews.

  14. If I criticize Israel…and I do…it’s about it’s government and its polices. It’s too easy to play the anti semitic card to close off discussion. Nice Blog though….how do you make one?

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