Moderate Muslims speak out in #notinmyname video

I’m sometimes challenged for saying that neither violence nor hatred are natural characteristics of the Muslim religion and that Muslim leaders are responsible for the destruction associated with followers of Mohammed today. Recent events have motivated moderates in this community to voice positions against terrorism and take action for peace. I hope this movement grows and grows!

Huffington Post Brazil’s L Baltazar writes

O #JeSuisCharlie, que tomou as redes sociais como manifesto em prol da liberdade de expressão e contra o extremismo, originou um novo movimento que ganha espaço e recebe cada vez mais adesões: a campanha #NotInMyName.

A hasthtag está sendo adotada por comunidades muçulmanas que não se sentem representadas pela conduta extremista que foi o atentado à redação da revista satírica Charlie Hedbo.

This #notinmyname video with its beautiful message by Muslims against ISIS made me sniffle.

World Mic comments in an article featuring cartoons by editorial Arabic cartoonists promoting solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, “If you thought the Arab world celebrated the attack on Charlie Hebdo as a blow against blasphemers, some Arab-language newspapers tell a different story.”

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