TV Host Ibrahim Issa slams Arabs for claiming ISIS is not Muslim: “What else are they?”

Ibrahim Issa
Source: YouTube video of Ibrahim Issa on Al-Khaera Wal-Nas TV

In his November 16 2015 show, Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Issa criticizes the Arabic community for circulating the myth that ISIS “has nothing to do with Islam … What are we supposed to call them,” he asks, “Buddhists?”

Issa also scoffs at the Arabic-circulated conspiracy theory that Western intelligence agencies are behind the France attack. “Why?” he demands, “Why? Why would they murder … people of their own culture … in order to have an excuse to attack the terrorists? Attacking terrorists requires no justification, by the way.” read more

Israel conspiracy theories are incitements to hate Jews. If you love truth, don’t buy in.

Muslim leader & Hitler - Jew hatred is in Quran
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There are an exponentially growing number of anti-Jewish incidents around the world, predominantly fueled by extremist Muslim dollars, the indifference of progressives and the silence of people whose reason and compassion might positively influence public opinion – except they won’t speak out. I don’t wish to enable hatred with my own silence.

However, disputing the viciousness of Jew haters makes me instantly frustrated. It seems a daunting task to confront the beliefs of people who when it comes to bashing Jews thoughtlessly spread rumour and innuendo against my people and hold onto an unreasoning hatred of Jews no matter what good we do. These people embrace an unreasoning support for Muslims no matter what harm or violence Muslim extremists commit … and show no interest in factual analysis of the rumours that are disseminated by propagandists, or the truth. In their hatred for Jews the unreasoning are eager to embrace information that fuels their hatred and show no interest in assessing whether the information is true or false. read more

Ayad Jamal Al-Din beautifully tells why peace will come from separating state from religion

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.16.49 PMIn this TV debate, the compassion of Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din for his fellow man and the true Muslim faith shine through wonderfully. The historical and religious points with which Mr. Al-Din elucidates his reasons for believing that government must remain separate from religion, are compelling and strangely beautiful. I found myself crying with the emotion of hearing this good man express his abiding love and respect for all persons.

Ayad Jamal Al-Din on defeating ISISIn the next clip, Mr. Al-Din explains why Muslims must choose between the extremism of ISIS and the peaceful alternative lifestyle offered by modern secular, civil governments that serve all people equally and call for the violent deaths of no one. God bless, Mr. Al-Din. read more

Moderate Muslims speak out in #notinmyname video

I’m sometimes challenged for saying that neither violence nor hatred are natural characteristics of the Muslim religion and that Muslim leaders are responsible for the destruction associated with followers of Mohammed today. Recent events have motivated moderates in this community to voice positions against terrorism and take action for peace. I hope this movement grows and grows!

Huffington Post Brazil’s L Baltazar writes

O #JeSuisCharlie, que tomou as redes sociais como manifesto em prol da liberdade de expressão e contra o extremismo, originou um novo movimento que ganha espaço e recebe cada vez mais adesões: a campanha #NotInMyName. read more