TV Host Ibrahim Issa slams Arabs for claiming ISIS is not Muslim: “What else are they?”

Ibrahim Issa
Source: YouTube video of Ibrahim Issa on Al-Khaera Wal-Nas TV

In his November 16 2015 show, Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Issa criticizes the Arabic community for circulating the myth that ISIS “has nothing to do with Islam … What are we supposed to call them,” he asks, “Buddhists?”

Issa also scoffs at the Arabic-circulated conspiracy theory that Western intelligence agencies are behind the France attack. “Why?” he demands, “Why? Why would they murder … people of their own culture … in order to have an excuse to attack the terrorists? Attacking terrorists requires no justification, by the way.”

These are such good questions, which Issa asks in an extremely compelling manner. Clip is just a few minutes long – please do me a favor, and watch it.

Translation by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)

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