Only people outside of New Jersey could like Christie

Christie’s Dream Is Dying. Time to Come Home, Governor ~ Moran in Star Ledger 08 Feb 2015*My friend Dee Dameron frames Christie’s betrayal of New Jersey residents so well:

What have you done for New Jerseyans lately? Absolutely nothing. There are 15,000 Hurricane Sandy families who remain without a home, 624 bridges that need to be repaired, property taxes are the highest in the nation, unemployment is still on the rise, education for children has been put to sleep, Bridgegate is still pending. These are just a few issues and concerns. there are countless. Yes, its time for you to come home and do your job which you were elected to do and put the people first…not your fantasy to become president.

And Bob Braun asks The Big Question in his Oct 23 2014 article Bigger than Bridgegate? Christie’s $25 million in no-show Newark school jobs. Newark educators benched by Christie’s people are costing New Jersey taxpayers $25 MILLION PER YEAR. These teachers and principals want to work, but Christie and Camisole won’t let them. Braun explains:

This site has acquired a document, dubbed “Managed Choice,” that lists the names of 402 instructional employees who spend their days doing nothing and getting paid for it because they have lost their positions but cannot be taken off the payroll because most have perfectly good records. Ninety percent of the instructors are tenured. They are called “educators without placement”–or EWPS. They did not choose to be idle and they hate it–but it was Christie’s decision to put them there.

In case you didn’t know, New Jersey state owns Newark schools, which have been under state control for 20 years, since 1995. This how Christie’s evil minion, Camisole Anderson, actually runs Newark schools … Although this is how drunk-on-rhetoric snobby elitists think Camisole’s running them.


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