Governor Murphy appoints Tahesha Way as New Jersey Lt. Governor

Lt. Governor Tahesha Way

Governor Phil Murphy today announced Secretary of State Tahesha L. Way as the next Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey. In a ceremony in the New Jersey Executive State House, Lieutenant Governor Way was sworn into her new role, which she assumes after the unexpected passing of Lieutenant Governor Sheila Y. Oliver on August 1, 2023.

“Sheila Oliver was the greatest partner in government I could have ever hoped for, and she leaves incredibly big shoes to fill,” said Governor Murphy“While no one can truly replace her, I am deeply proud to appoint Secretary of State Tahesha Way to succeed her as Lieutenant Governor. Tahesha has been with our administration from the very beginning, and her work over the past five and a half years leading the Department of State has grown New Jersey’s tourism economy, uplifted small businesses, and strengthened our election system. Tahesha is the perfect candidate to join me in finishing the job that Sheila and I started.”

“I considered Lieutenant Governor Oliver a close friend and mentor – someone I looked to for guidance to better serve the people of New Jersey,” said Lieutenant Governor Tahesha Way. “To have been selected as her successor as New Jersey’s next Lieutenant Governor is one of the greatest honors of my career. I come to this position as the child of two public servants who molded me into the person I am today. Having experience at different levels of government has showed me the important role that those of us in public office can play in improving the lives of families across our state. I look forward to finishing the work of this Administration with Governor Murphy and continuing to build on the legacy Lieutenant Governor Oliver fostered.”

“We are very pleased with Governor Murphy’s selection of Tahesha Way as Sheila’s successor to be the next Lieutenant Governor,” said the Oliver Family. “Our beloved Sheila dedicated her heart and soul to serving the people of New Jersey –displaying an unwavering commitment to public service that we know Tahesha shares. We know Sheila would have been proud that Tahesha has been selected to carry out her legacy.”

Lieutenant Governor Way comes to the position with over two decades in public service. In addition to fulfilling her duties as Lieutenant Governor, she will also continue to serve as Secretary of State. 

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Way became the first Black person and first Secretary of State from New Jersey to lead the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) as President, helping to defend democracy at both the state and national level. Prior to becoming Secretary of State, Secretary Way was an Administrative Law Judge for the State of New Jersey. She was elected to the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders in 2006, where she later served as the Freeholder Director in 2009. She also served as a Council Member for the New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council. 

Lieutenant Governor Way is a graduate of Brown University. She also holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law at Charlottesville. She and her husband Charles have four children and reside in Wayne. 

The Honorable Sheila Y. Oliver served as New Jersey’s second Lieutenant Governor and the only woman of color to be elected to statewide office in New Jersey history.  read more

New Jersey sick days for individuals & parents – licencia pagada por enfermedad para individuos y padres

En 2019 New Jersey adoptó leyes que permiten trabajadores a tomar licencia pagada por enfermedad. Todos los que trabajan en el estado de New Jersey tienen el derecho a estos beneficios para su proprio salud. Además, padres y guardianes pueden usar su licencia para el cuidado de sus hijos. Aprenda más visitando al ó

In 2019 New Jersey adopted laws that allow workers paid time off. All whom work in New Jersey have access to these benefits. Parents and guardians can use these benefits to care for their children, or to care for their own health. Visit or to learn more. read more

Court ruling: New Jersey police must turn over dashcam video on request

Source: Wikipedia

The New Jersey Law Journal reports on dashcam ruling handed down 30 June 2016. It’s a win for justice and respectful police conduct:

New Jersey appeals court on June 30 ruled that police video recordings taken from dashboard cameras are documents that must be released under the state’s Open Public Records Act.

Hurrah! I’m happy with this news. NJLJ reports that court case was filed by “open-government activist John Paff.” Thanks for the great work, John.

USPS Job Fair in E. Orange for many locations 9/15 6-8pm

USPS job fairUSPS Job Fair in East Orange for many locations

East Orange, NJ
Tues 15 Sept 2015
44 City Hall Plaza
East Orange NJ

Jobs include (but aren’t limited to)
City and Rural Carriers
PSE Clerks
Mail Handler Assistants
Tractor Trailer Drivers
Auto Mechanics

Dress like you’re ready for work and arrive as early as you can!

Only people outside of New Jersey could like Christie

Christie’s Dream Is Dying. Time to Come Home, Governor ~ Moran in Star Ledger 08 Feb 2015*My friend Dee Dameron frames Christie’s betrayal of New Jersey residents so well:

What have you done for New Jerseyans lately? Absolutely nothing. There are 15,000 Hurricane Sandy families who remain without a home, 624 bridges that need to be repaired, property taxes are the highest in the nation, unemployment is still on the rise, education for children has been put to sleep, Bridgegate is still pending. These are just a few issues and concerns. there are countless. Yes, its time for you to come home and do your job which you were elected to do and put the people first…not your fantasy to become president. read more

What does ‘State of Emergency’ mean in New Jersey?

State of Emergency-FreeholdWhat does ‘State of Emergency’ mean in New Jersey?

Gov. Chris Christie declared a State of Emergency in New Jersey Monday ahead of the snowstorm. According to the state Office of Emergency Management, the governor’s declaration “empowers the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) to act on behalf of the Governor to employ the resources and assets of State, local and private agencies to provide immediate assistance to localities.”

A common misconception about a state of emergency is that civilians are not allowed to travel on the roads during the declaration. According to the NJOEM, “the Governor’s declaration does not normally restrict citizen movements or activities. The State may limit access to affected areas due to concerns for public safety but will notify the public of these restrictions.”

From the News 12 website read more

Can you legally record a conversation in New Jersey?

phonerecordingYou can legally record both phone and in-person conversations in New Jersey as long as one of the people in that conversation agrees to the recording of it – and it’s fine if the one person is you. State law makes the phone recording legal; and federal law makes the in-person conversation recordings legal. If you need guidance for your state, check the Digital Media Law Project website.

Digital Media Law Project tells us that New Jersey is a “one-party consent” law state as regards the recording of both phone and in-person conversations:

In addition to federal law, thirty-eight states and the District of Columbia have adopted “one-party consent” laws and permit individuals to record phone calls and conversations to which they are a party or when one party to the communication consents …

New Jersey makes it a crime to intercept or record an in-person or telephone conversation unless one party to the conversation consents. N.J. Stat. §§ 2A:156A-3, -4 … Thus, if you operate in New Jersey, you may record a conversation or phone call if you are a party to the conversation or you get permission from one party to the conversation in advance. That said, if you intend to record conversations involving people located in more than one state, you should play it safe and get the consent of all parties. read more

Snow shoveling work at Meadowlands for winter 2014–Interviews Mon 11/24 @ Masonic Temple Paterson

snow shoveling at MetLife Stadium

METLIFE STADIUM SNOW REMOVAL (occasional, on demand work)
Compensation: $10-14 per hour
Interviews Mon 24 Nov 2014 6-9PM at Masonic Temple, Paterson NJ

Job Description:
Snow removal employees needed to work after all major snow events at MetLife Stadium during the winter season between NOVEMBER 2014 and JANUARY 2015.

Snow Removal is physically demanding and may take place in cold, wet and miserable conditions, including, but not limited to snow storm events. Ideal candidate must be physically fit, have the proper clothing to stay dry and be able to work for an extensive period of time. Lunch Breaks and Warm Up Breaks will be provided in Indoor Stadium Box Areas between work sessions. Successful candidate must also be a self- starter and be committed to safety at all times. Please visit our website and watch “what to expect while shoveling”

Free Transportation To the Job:
Free Transportation to work at the stadium will be provided from WAYNE, PATERSON, PASSAIC, SOMERSET, BOUND BROOK, NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEWARK & HACKENSACK locations in New Jersey.

Job Requirements:
• Must be at least 18 years of age
• Willing to work in freezing weather conditions
• Willing to work on call with flexible availability

$14.00 an hour for shoveling time and $10.00 for wait time (the time prior to when you begin shoveling).

How do I apply?
Interviews will be held Monday November 24th at Masonic Temple, 224 Broadway, Paterson NJ 07501 from 6-9pm. Workers are being pre-qualified and registered.

The hiring of snow removal employees is being handled by Staff Right Solutions, recruiter for Canete snow removal.

Bob Braun explores relationship between Christie and NJ violence

Screaming ChristieLots of things Bob Braun says are way too important to only be seen on Facebook. Like his thoughts on the relationship between Christie’s ranting/abuse and youth shootings motivated by a desire for “respect”:

If the governor of the state can suggest that someone should “take a bat” to a woman, why should we be surprised that a child shoots people because they “disrespected” him?

We live in a state in which the governor prides himself in bullying, misogynistic behavior, someone who shows his displeasure with threatening gestures and who refuses to defend gun restrictions in court. We live in a state whose voters re-elected this bully and elected as US senator a man who, as Newark mayor, laid off cops and presided over the worst carnage in almost a decade. We live in a state where the busiest interstate crossing can be held for political ransom despite the threat to public safety.

We live in a state where the unemployment rate is higher than the national rate. We live in a state where grinding poverty and Jim Crow era segregation lives side-by-side with affluence and all-white towns. Where greed is more highly prized than civic duty when the bully-in-chief proposes lower taxes on the rich. Where public services for young people have been eliminated. Where public education in communities that need it the most has been reduced to a mindless competition over numbers. Where the adults most likely to be in contact with young people with problems – public employees – are considered interchangeable drones who don’t have to be paid much or treated with respect. Where fair housing initiatives are suppressed.

Yet, somehow, we wring our hands and wonder why our children are killing each other in the streets. We have met the enemy, my friends, and he is us. read more

Time calls Christie the “Elephant In the Room”

Christie made a big stink when Barbara Buono said New Jersey didn’t want to see Christie frolicking on the beach, claiming his opponent’s comment was an oblique reference to his weight. Is the big man going to cry “foul” to Time magazine now, which boldly portrays Christie on its current cover along with caption, “The Elephant In the Room”?

Time defends its cover choice on its blog.


Times mag - elephant in the room Christie

Attend info session for NJ’s non-violent fugitive Safe Surrender program

Fugitive_Surrender foto imgTwo information sessions for November’s Fugitive Safe Surrender program are being held 6:30-8:30pm on Thursday, Oct. 17 in Hackensack and Tuesday, Oct. 22 in Paterson, NJ. Faith workers, community and re-entry advocates, criminal justice students and attorney volunteers will want to attend a session to learn directly from experts handling the program, what it can do for non-violent offender law fugitives. Volunteer needs and opportunities will also be discussed. Law and criminal justice student volunteers will gain valuable insights into the legal system and CE credits will be issued to attorney volunteers.

Fugitive Safe Surrender is not an amnesty program. But, it is a chance for law fugitives to regain control over their lives; clear away outstanding warrants; and become eligible to renew driver’s licenses, apply for social service programs and arrange low dollar payment plans for back child support and court ordered fines. The program is administered by the New Jersey Attorney General, with the support of Bergen, Passaic and Hudson County and their partners, and it will be held November 6-9, 2013 at a Jersey City church.

New Jersey residents with outstanding arrest warrants for non-violent offenses, who are either US citizens or green card holders, can participate in this program and secure the opportunity to stop hiding from the law and get phenomenal help to positively transform their lives. 13,276K people received same-day clearing of arrest warrants when this program last ran in 2008, and this year’s program is expected to follow along similar lines. 99% of those who surrendered in 2008 were released the same day with their societal privileges fully restored and less than 1% of applicants were taken into custody because a history of serious offenses made them ineligible for participation.

Fugitive Safe Surrender NJ ImageThis year, once participants’ warrants have been cleared by volunteer judges who will be approving and filing agreements right on site, participants will meet with staff from social service agencies and the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. They will have the chance to – right on the spot – renew driver’s licenses and get help filling out applications for LI-HEAP (assistance paying heat bills) and other aid. Volunteer lawyers will help participants prepare the paperwork to enter into probation programs or agreements for paying outstanding child support or court ordered fines. Participants will be given the chance to make small monthly payments they can afford.

The goal of Fugitive Safe Surrender is to relieve several thousand New Jersey residents from the stress and challenges of living in legal limbo due to outstanding arrest warrants by giving them an opportunity to clear away warrants, normalize their lives and increase their employment opportunities. Not only individuals, families and communities will benefit: law enforcement officers and courts will also gain more time to focus on serious criminal offenders once the records of people with minor offenses have been cleared from the system.

Hackensack Fugitive Safe Surrender Information Session
Thursday 17 Oct 2013 | 6:30-8:30pm
Ciarco Learning Center (of Bergen Community College)
355 Main Street – Room 134 – Hackensack, NJ
(Free Parking Behind Building)
Download flier

Paterson Fugitive Safe Surrender Information Session
Tuesday 22 Oct 2013 | 6:30-8:30pm
Rogers Conference Center
32 Spruce Street (rear) – 2nd Floor – Paterson, NJ
(Parking at 75 Spruce Street-enter on Grand Street side)
Download flier

For more information and to volunteer at the surrender event, contact Margaret Anastos:
973-504-6241 or 6317 or 6441 |

The surrender event itself will take place:
Wed/Mier Nov 6 2013 9am-4pm
Thurs/Jueves Nov 7 2013 9am-4pm
Fri/Vier Nov 8 2013 9am-4pm
Sat/Sáb Nov 9 2013 9am-4pm
At Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church
661 Montgomery St, Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Fugitive Safe Surrender 2013 Fact Sheets
Fugitive Safe Surrender 2013 Program Facts
Fugitive Safe Surrender 2013 Q & A sheet
Acerca del Programa de Delincuente Entrega Protegida
Delincuente Entrega Protegida 2013 Preguntas y

Written by Kimi Wei Facebook @kimiwei

Extension on registrations, inspections & licenses for NJ drivers

MVC Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez issued Administrative Order 2012-03 authorizing a 30-day extension for all driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and inspections due to expire on Oct. 31. Martinez also authorized Administrative Order 2012-04, which waives International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) requirements during a state of emergency declared by the Governor of New Jersey. This temporary waiver will aid commercial motor carriers in delivering essential services and emergency relief supplies in a timely matter to areas that may be affected by Hurricane Sandy.

New Jersey County Clerks

A more extensive list containing both County Clerk and Board of Election contact information, including fax numbers, is available here.

Atlantic County Clerk
5901 Main Street
CN 2005
Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Bergen County Clerk
One Bergen County Plaza
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Burlington County Clerk
49 Rancocas Road
Mount Holly, NJ 08060
Camden County Clerk
2015 The Mall at Voorhees Town Center, 2nd Floor
Voorhees, NJ 08043
Cape May County Clerk
7 North Main Street
DN 109
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210-3096
Cumberland County Clerk
Court House Building
60 West Broad Street
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Essex County Clerk
Hall of Records
465 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Newark, NJ 07102
Gloucester County Clerk
Court House
P.O. Box 129
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Hudson County Clerk
257 Cornelison Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Hunterdon County Clerk
Hall of Records
71 Main Street
Flemington, NJ 08822
Mercer County Clerk
100 Court House Annex
209 South Broad Street, P.O. Box 8068
Trenton, NJ 08650
Middlesex County Clerk
P.O. Box 1110
New Brunswick, NJ08903-1110
Monmouth County Clerk
33 Mechanic Street
Freehold, NJ 07728
Morris County Clerk
Administration & Records Building
P.O. Box 315
Morristown, NJ 07963-0315
Ocean County Clerk
P.O. Box 2191
Toms River, NJ 08754
Passaic County Clerk
401 Grand Street, Room 130
Paterson, NJ 07505
Salem County Clerk
P.O. Box 18
92 Market Street
Salem, NJ 08079
Somerset County Clerk
P.O. Box 3000
20 Grove Street
Somerville, NJ 08876
Sussex County Clerk
Sussex County Clerk’s Office
83 Spring Street, Suite 304
Newton, NJ 07860
Union County Clerk
2 Broad Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07207
Warren County Clerk
413 Second Street
Belvidere, NJ 07823

Christie Declares War On the Poor

I can’t really add anything to this succinctly phrased statement by William Colon. He lays out for easy review, the drastic funding cuts Christie has enacted, which strike blow after blow to the most vulnerable of our state.

(Read article in Spanish)

Christie’s War On The Poor

Written by William Colon, executive director of the Latino Institute, Inc. and a contributing writer for the Hall Institute of Public Policy.

“We had a ‘war on poverty’ once, and we lost it, and since poverty is still here, let’s eliminate the poor amongst us.”

This seems to be New Jersey’s prevailing public philosophy.

Last week, with a few strokes of the pen, the governor killed attempts by the state legislature to restore funds to various programs and initiatives that were designed to help the poor. The list is very long, and we will mention just a few.

Among the cuts are millions of dollars in tuition aid which were used by poor students to pay for college, women’s health services, legal services for the poor in Camden and Newark, and the New Jersey After 3 program, dedicated to the provision of after-school educational services in Newark and Paterson. The governor cut money to child care centers for urban children, adding new rules to make it virtually impossible for undocumented immigrants to have access to those services, and changed the rules for Medicaid so that working poor adults cannot earn more than the absurd amount of $105 a week if they want to be covered by health insurance.

He also eliminated funds for family planning services clinics and preventive health services for pregnant women. He ended funding for a program which assisted poor AIDS patients with their life-saving drugs, and eviscerated the funding for the assistance of the blind and visually impaired. He also cut funds for programs supporting frail and sick elderly.

And he shot directly at the heart of the Latino community, by eliminating the restoration of $2.3 million the state legislature had designated to support programs at the Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development (CHPRD).

Last year, the governor demonstrated what he thought about Hispanics and their needs, by eliminating in toto $8.5 million in programs that provide direct services to the Latino community. Now, going a step further, not only he took away the funds, but added odious and perverse rules so that our people are forced to live in abject poverty, or better, to move elsewhere.

To facilitate this nefarious and mean-spirited agenda, knowing that the majority of Latinos live in cities or urban centers like Newark, Jersey City, Passaic, Perth Amboy and Paterson, he also cut funds to these cities, impacting local property taxes (there are will be no property tax decreases in the foreseeable future), and therefore, impacting rents for poor tenants.

It is ironic that those cuts will also impact Latino mayors Awilda Diaz and Felix Roque, who had kissed and embraced Mr. Christie in the past. I wonder what they think now of the governor after he has limited their ability to carry on their pet projects.

It should be noted that while these cuts were made, the governor decided to send additional funds to the richest school districts in the state. In addition, he doubled the budget surplus. I suppose this was done to ensure there is enough money in the bank to keep up with the corporate welfare grants which have been promised to projects such as Xanadu and Panasonic.

A few weeks ago, his satraps hypocritically told us they had a “home” for Latinos in state government, as they announced their “new” -lean and mean-programs under the CHPRD. What they forgot to tell us is that the house they want us to call “home” has no door, no roof, no toilet and is full of holes.

As last year, the Hispanic Directors Association, led by Guillo Beythag-Maldonado and Mario Vargas, took up the defense for the Latino community. Working together with Assemblywoman Nellie Pou, the legislature restored programs for our people, only to be slashed and removed once again by the governor. He, who has praised us with words at public events; he, who condemns us with his actions.

The actions which confirm an anti-Hispanic agenda, dedicated to get us out of the Garden State.

Governor Christie declared war on the poor. The vast majority of our Latino people are poor, so he also declared war on Hispanics.

There is an old, secular Spanish proverb which states “En guerra avisada, no muere gente”

It means: if you have been warned that war is imminent, take cover, run for the hills; maybe you can save your life.

Article orginally published at Hall Institute of Public Policy