Pro-public education Board of Education 2013 candidates

Vote in 2013 BOE electionsBoard of Education budgets are typically 3 times as big as the entire budgets of the municipalities in which they’re located. Those hugs pots of money are why Big-Business supporter Gov. Chris Christie and his GOP colleague Mitt Romney are so eager to get their hands on public education funds. They can’t stand money being spent to actually improve the lives of vulnerable children, and students of color, across America when that money could go to make their own children and grandchildren richer.

Dedicated pro-public education advocates who know the issues and have studied the candidates, are endorsing Board of Education Candidates as follows. Please turn out on Tuesday, April 16 2013 and vote them in!

Paterson Endorsements
Alveria Spencer, Nelli Celli

Endorsed by: Dr. Jonathan Hodges, Paterson Board of Education member, who says

I don’t put friendships above the needs of the children. This is the truth as I see it. Vote your children’s needs, not your friendships or associations when it comes to school board.

I have watched two debates. I have spoken with the candidates. I have either listened to them answer questions or watched how they have performed. I am prepared to fully endorse two of them ]. There are THREE seats up so you need to pick the final one. My choices are Alveria Spencer and Nelli Celli.IF YOU agree with my choices, please don’t keep it too yourselves. These two are not the favorites. They will need a lot of underground help, (Word of mouth, word of Facebook,etc) to get people to come out for them. This time folks let’s do it correctly and put the right people in office, people who sincerely want to be there…

Englewood Endorsements
Pazant, Feinstein & Carter for Englewood Board of EdPazant, Feinstein & Carter for Great Englewood Public Schools, Lines 3, 4 & 5

Take note that polling locations have been changed in Englewood AGAIN. Call the Board of Education or City Hall for your new polling location and pass the word along

Endorsed by: Citizens For Public Education on Facebook

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