Twins prove student performance no good for assessing teachers

Mother Crusader tells why she knows that student performance – as demonstrated by standardized testing – can never be accurately used to determine how good a teacher is: her twin children have been with the same teachers since pre-K and their student performance is radically different. Mother Crusader recommends that parents opt their children out of standardized testing, and cautions that in New Jersey it will be used against teachers beginning next year:

And here is a GREAT reason why to opt your kids out. One of the “high stakes” attached to state tests is teacher accountability. These tests are NOT designed to evaluate teacher performance, yet that is EXACTLY what they will be used for.

I have twin six year olds. They have the same parents, same opportunities, have had excellent early childhood education, and have had the same teachers since pre-K.

One daughter is significantly above grade level, and the other is below grade level. I am quite sure a standardized test would stress my “below level” daughter and she would not be “proficient”.

Is that a reflection on her teacher? Should the same teacher be rewarded for my daughter who would most likely be “advanced proficient” and punished for my daughter who would most likely be “partial proficient?”

In New Jersey, Governor Christie’s education head Chris Cerf is making student performance 1/3 (35%) of the “grade” of teachers performance evaluations. Under the new rules that will be in effect school year 2013-14, poor evaluation scores will cost New Jersey school teachers their jobs. Chilling.

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