Why Middle East news is so anti Israel

In this well documented article, a former AP editor explains why all major media outlet’s Middle East reporting portrays little Israel as the big, bad oppressor of the long-suffering Palestinians – no matter what the truth is.

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For starters, the AP alone has over 40 staffers reporting on ME affairs. And, AP and all other major news outlets’ Middle East reporters are only allowed to write stories that reinforce the “Bad Israel – Oppressed Palestinians” legend. The editors of major media publications simply refuse to publish any other type of stories.

Furthermore, approximately zero major media reporters in the Middle East speak either Arabic or Hebrew, so the permanent ME press corps lacks the ability to gather the deep insider perspectives that would give them a truly informed, holistic view of what is actually going on … and maybe impassion some of them to reveal the truth even if doing so would blow up their careers.

This article is well written, informative and thought provoking. I hope you’ll read it.

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