Wyndham, don’t persecute the homeless

Homeless coupleMy statement to Wyndham Hotels on their Facebook page:

Your ambiguous statement about the homeless couple you threw out into 9º weather altho a benefactor had paid for the room for them is just meaningless lip service. You need to do better with a policy change. You also refused to refund the room fee the benefactor paid. That’s plain nasty.

The generous benefactors paid for three nights for the homeless couple and did give it back, but only after 110,000 people signed a Care2 Petition condemning Wyndham’s actions.

Wyndham responded:

Super 8 has refunded the paying couple, and after receiving signatures from you and 110,000 other Care2 members, Wyndham Hotel Group CEO Geoff Ballotti apologized. He has promised that the company will send franchise owners “additional guidance for these types of situations in the future.”

Which is a fancy way of saying just about nothing.

Write on Wyndham’s Facebook page and demand a policy change.

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