A list of excellent real news sources and tips for finding and protecting the truth

plato - the price of apathy

Support and read good, honest news and reporters

Become a protector of the open internet, free speech and unfettered communication

Join the Soldiers of Light

  • Join Michelle & Barack Obama’s troop of world changers at obama.org
  • Join Van Jones’#lovearmy movement
  • Join the Berniecrat’s Knock Every Door movement
  • Join the Berniecrat Our Revolution movement to elect accountable political leaders

Protect our youth

Sign petitions

Take action for positive change

Follow Voices of Reason

Hold elected official accountable

  • Practice the Trump Resistance Plan (TRP) every day, in every way
  • Follow @stollmeyereu’s awesome Twitter list of government agencies going rogue to keep informing the public
  • Track facts and learn about actions via the Resistance Manual
  • Study the Indivisible Guide to holding your federal elected officials accountable. Written by former Congressional staffers.


Inspiration from President and Michelle Obama

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