MIT hosted a city-wide biannual breakdance competition for a decade

Breakonomics at MIT
Breakonomics Competition 2009 sponsored by MIT’s Imobilare crew
My Aunt June told me about the breakdance competition she helped to found at MIT, the world’s best tech university. People don’t think of Breakdancing and performance art as typical geek activities but at MIT the arts are celebrated. Its Immobilare crew sponsored Boston’s biannual Breakonomics breakdance competition for about a decade, with the last competition taking place in 2011.

MIT’s Imobilare breakdance crew also held regular bboy practices on the MIT campus from 1998-2009:

Founded in 1998, Imobilare is bboy crew and an ASA-recognized student group at MIT that promotes bboying, providing opportunities for students to learn how breakdance and improve their bboying skills.

Imobilare hosts regular breakdance practices at MIT, and the group performs at events on campus and all over the Boston area. We have been featured in the Boston Globe numerous times and continue to establish a growing footprint within the local bboy community.

Every other year, Imobilare organizes and hosts Breakonomics, one of the biggest breakdance competitions in the Boston area, drawing in bboy crews from all over the country to come and compete. This highly publicized event has featured world-renown attendees such as Kid David, Jazzy J, and Boppin Andre to serve as judges.

Aunt June was a member of the Massachusetts Council for the Arts and an alum family member, the wife of organizational consultant and amateur pianist Arnold S. Judson. She joined our ancestors in 2010.

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